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AlignNeck Wedge

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If the AlignNeck Wedge doesn’t help your body unwind, just return it, we offer a 21-day return policy. Read the reviews below for past orders.

The AlignNeck offers you tremendous support and comfort when a conventional pillow cannot do the job. It is perfect for providing support for your legs, upper body and back. Individuals who have breathing difficulties, acid reflux, neck or back issues and poor circulation can count on it for relief. 

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The AlignNeck is padded with a memory foam layer placed on base foam that is highly resilient to give you an additional comfort layer. Its removable and waterproof cover ensures that the pillow stays clean and fresh every time you use it. Most people often look for adequate support for their legs, upper body and back and the AlignNeck offers a viable solution to that problem. 

How do you use a wedge?

Here are the best ways you can use a wedge

neck wedge

Upright recline

pillows for neck support

The upright reclined position is for people who like to read in bed. Rest the flat side against the headboard or wall. While the wedge reams in this position, you can assume the upright recline position without putting any pressure on your upper back or neck.

Elevated Back Sleeping

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For those who snore while sleeping, resting on your back may worsen snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. Sleeping flat on your back may cause soft tissues and muscles in your throat to collapse as you sleep, thus causing a vibrating noise as air passes your throat tissues. Place a wedge under your upper body so that the thinnest section of the incline rests close to the middle of your back. It opens your airway to enable you to breathe easier.

Articulation of your leg When Sleeping on Your Back

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If you are a back sleeper, endeavour to place the wedge under your knees to lower your lower back. When your legs are raised while sleeping promotes blood circulation, reduces swollen legs and vein formation.

Lap Placement

pillows for neck support

For those who work while in bed, you can use it as a mini desk. Rest the tiny part on your lap while the wide part stays close to your knees. 

Cervical traction & neck wedge

Cervical traction is also referred to as the spin's traction and can be used for treating injuries related to neck pain. The concept of cervical traction is that your head is pulled away from your neck so that compression can be eliminated. It also promotes expansion. Cervical traction is used widely by chiropractors as a viable treatment for neck pain. It also serves as an alternative for individuals who may not want to undergo surgery. You can also use cervical traction as a physical therapy treatment at home.

The align neck head is a cervical traction device that can be used to stretch your back lightly. It also reduces spinal pressure by separating or pulling your vertebrae. The results are fast because it is a highly effective therapy. A align neck also promotes spinal alignment and relieves pressure on your shoulders, neck and back. You can perform cervical traction using the align neck head by lying down on it and using your head's weight to stretch your anterior neck muscles and shoulders. You have to do this gently and regularly for optimum effectiveness. 

Neck wedge for Neck pain

Waking up with a stiff neck can be very discomforting. Most people find it difficult to turn their necks after waking up. You may have experienced a severe and sharp neck pain which may have been caused by your sleeping position or pillow type. A stiff neck reduces its range of motion and may disrupt your day's activities. Neck pain develops when you sleep due to the following factors.

Awkward angle

The muscles, ligaments and joints in your neck region may become stressed and overstretched, especially when your neck or headrests in an awkward position during sleep time.

Preexisting injury

A preexisting injury may happen while you are still awake. Neck stiffness and pain may develop when you sleep even if the injury may have occurred several hours earlier.

Sudden movement.

Neck pain or stiffness may develop when you roll over or react to a dream. A sudden movement of your neck while sleeping can cause a sprain or strain on your neck

Align neck can improve spinal alignment and relieve pressure around your neck. A wedge can reduce chronic neck pain caused by any of the above-listed factors. It can be used as a cervical traction device which reduces muscle compression around the neck region. It also elevates your neck, thus keeping you in the right sleeping position. 

Neck wedge for back pain and posture

Back pain can be very discomforting, as well. Several reasons may cause it, and a wrong sleeping position is one of them. Wrong sleeping position cam cause pressure or stress on your cervical and lumbar spine. Chronic back pain may affect your concentration, and it can be very frustrating. 

The weight your haad places on your back muscles may increase by as much as 10Ibs when you move your head an inch in a forward posture. Leaning forward for an extended period can affect your posture and can cause chronic back or neck pain. Some office jobs may require you to lean forward to look at the computer for long hours. Some people look down their phone for several hours, which can cause back pain and affect your posture. 

Not to worry, you can use the align neck head to get relief from back pain. The device helps to realign your muscles, and when used over time, it may help you maintain a better posture and prevent you from getting stuck in a hunched position. 

How to wash and clean your wedge?

It is essential always to clean your wedge. Most wedges are removable and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about water getting into the base foam. You can remove the cover of the wedge and clean or wash it. You can choose to spot clean the wedge using a mild detergent that will not bleach the covering.

neck wedge washablewater proof neck wedge

Alternative products that can help relieve neck pain.

  • AlignHead Hammock
  • The AlighHead Hammock is a cervical traction device which stretches the vertebrae around your neck. The gentle stretching of your vertebrae allows the spinal disc to have space by elongating the spine and separating it from the vertebrae. It also relieves pressure on exiting nerve roots by stretching the muscles around the region. The AlighHead Hammock helps to relax your musculature and spine. It also promotes complete cervical relaxation. 

  • Align Pillow
  • The align pillow is beneficial in providing relief from neck pain and back pain. It keeps your cervical spine aligned when you lie on your side or lie in a supine position. The align pillow is perfect for various sleeping positions and helps to make you feel more comfortable as you sleep. It comes in several sizes which is convenient to use. 

  • AlignShoulder Brace
  • The align shoulder brace helps to provide stability and support for your shoulders. It is useful for promoting recovery from shoulder injuries. It also reduces inflammation by compressing the shoulder joint. An alignshoulder brace also improves the flow of blood to your shoulder region by keeping your shoulder elevated.

  • AlignMat
  • AlignMat offers a lot of health benefits to users. It helps to ease anxiety and stress. It is also useful for improving relaxation and rejuvenating your energy. AlignMat promotes relief from migraines and headaches. Other benefits include cellulite reduction, relaxation of tight muscles and promotion of blood circulation.