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AlignNeck Relaxer
AlignNeck Relaxer

AlignNeck Relaxer

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It is perfectly normal to experience neck, back, and shoulder pain especially if you have an active lifestyle and/or a busy work schedule to keep up with. Pressure on our muscles and joints can occur at any given time without us noticing.

If this sounds like a typical day you can relate to, then you would love a neck relaxer like the AlignNeck Relax.

What is the AlignNeck Relaxer?

The AlignNeck Relaxer is a simple tool to help you instantly relieve any neck, back or shoulder pain you may be experiencing. It does not contain any chemicals or toxins, and it is even portable! It is made of a high quality, durable plastic base that curves to fully and properly support your neck area. This arched design is specifically done to follow the natural bend of your spine and help elevate the cervical zone. It is then padded with a concaved soft sponge in the region where you lay your neck and also at the bottom of the plastic base for added stability. The soft sponge features multiple protruding areas to help stimulate meridian points and relax any tightened muscles around your neck. These multiple protruding areas are still made with the same soft material so there is no need for concern regarding pain or sharpness.

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What is the use of the protruding areas?
These extended regions are a form of treatment known as acupressure, which falls under Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupressure, however, is usually applied through body massage or inserting thin needles into our body’s meridian points, with the latter version of the technique being called acupuncture. The meridian points across our entire body all serve a purpose and are each connected to our different systems. Once they are activated, they release tension and help our internal energy flow throughout our channels easily and quickly, If your internal energy is at this fluid state, a sense of calm will dawn on you and greatly reduce any stress, discomfort, or pain you may be experiencing at the time.

In order to stimulate multiple meridian points simultaneously and without puncturing the skin as they do in acupuncture, experts have combined the ancient Chinese medical system with India’s bed of nails concept in the form of the AlignNeck Relax, among other similar products, that aim to alleviate muscle tension, pinched nerves, sore spots, and overall discomfort.

What are the benefits of using AlignNeck Relax?

Quick and Instant Fix
This tool gently stretches your tensed muscles, stimulates meridian points, and relaxes your body all in just 10-15 minutes, depending on the severity of pain and discomfort.

Targets Multiple Types of Discomfort
This tool not only helps you relax but with regular use, it can help treat chronic pain, pinched nerves, bulging discs, relieve discomfort from arthritis, and bone spurs. Athletes can just as well greatly benefit as this handy device can also help speed up muscle recovery and lessen soreness after a full afternoon’s work out routine.

Convenient and Portable
It is lightweight and easy to bring around. You can use it in the bedroom as neck support at times you sit up in bed while catching up on your reading or even while watching television. You may bring it to your office and maintain a healthy posture while working on your computer desk. You may even take the AlignNeck Relax with you in your car and have it support your neck as you drive to and from errands. Anywhere and anytime you need instant relief from pain, this convenient and portable neck relaxer does that trick.

Encourages healthy and good posture
By using this tool whenever you are sitting upright, you encourage your spine and neck to maintain proper posture. Taking advantage of idle moments such as when you are sitting by your workstation, driving, travelling, or even if you are just at home, propped up on your bed enjoying a good show or current read, your posture could use the added support. This practice can greatly reduce the tension and pressure that tends to build up in your joints, keeping you free of pain, discomfort, and sore muscles.

How to properly use the AlignNeck Relax?

This tool is pretty straightforward and user friendly. All you have to do is find a hard, sturdy surface you can prop it up against such as the floor, wall, or even the headrests of your car seat and office chair. Once it is in place, set the middle of the back of your neck down on the elevated region. Tilt your head back slightly and follow the concaved design. Once you have a comfortable position, you will feel your sore and tense muscles gently stretch and loosen up. Hold this position for about 10 to 15 minutes and repeat as needed.

How much does AlignNeck Relax cost?

Acquiring your very own AlignNeck Relax can save you multiple trips to the doctor, chiropractor, and even your local go-to a masseuse. Consultation fees on top of treatment fees on top of gas money can pile up especially if your pain is constant and/ or regularly occurs. Oftentimes we even forego a much-needed trip to the clinic or massage spa and tolerate the pain to avoid spending too much, the added hassle, or simply because our busy schedule just won’t allow it quite yet. For only $39.99, you can treat your neck, shoulder, and back discomfort or pain at home, at the office, or even in your car during your daily commute. You will not have to sacrifice your time or prioritize one activity over another because you can treat your pain and get things done simultaneously! Now that is what we call an investment worth your while at an affordable rate.

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