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[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat
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If the AlignPillow doesn’t help you sleep just return it, we offer a 21-day return policy. Read the reviews below for past orders.

Australia wide bamboo pillow

A lot of challenges arise when we don't get enough sleep. It is one thing to fall asleep, it is another to stay asleep. A lot of people battle with falling asleep during the night. This results in a lot of tossing and restlessness in the bed. 

When we fail to sleep, life becomes more difficult and fatigue occur. Sometimes, we blame medical conditions for our sleepless nights and neck pain, when it is as a result of basic sleeping positions, and most especially, the pillows and beddings.

A little change of our beddings and pillows could be all we need for longer sleep hours and the improvement of our sleeping patterns. With recent developments, many people are migrating to the use of proper beddings and pillows to improve their sleeping patterns and eradicate cases of neck pain. As a result, the demand for pillows made from foam and bamboo is on the increase. It is because this provides an ultimate solution to lack of quality sleep and problems associated with neck pain. 

We have highlighted the benefits of bamboo made pillows, how long it lasts, and all else you need to know about the AlignPillow. 


What is a bamboo memory foam pillow?

It refers to a pillow that consists of a bamboo outer part with some shredded foams filled to the brim, for a better sleeping experience. The bamboo outer part is of a higher quality than most other pillow materials, and this ma

Memory Foam Pillow Bamboo

kes it stand out. It has a greater long-lasting ability, so you don't need to worry about shredding for a long time. The pillows are soft to feel and allow for comfortability and a relaxed mind while sleeping. What's more? With the AlignPillow, you are assured of a night of quality sleep and the eradication of deep/slight neck pain, back pains, and fatigue.

When it comes to relief and immediate solution to poor quality sleep, many people turn to sleep enhancement products and drugs. After usage, you discover these products are in no way able to solve your sleeping needs. By that time, huge sums of money have been invested in this aspect. The AlignPillow is a sure way to ensure a good night's sleep amidst stress and fatigue. It gives room for adjustments to suit your sleeping position and further aligns with your sleeping needs for a quality sleeping experience. 


What is so special about AlingPillow?

The bamboo memory foam pillow is the ideal pillow for your comfort. It keeps the cervical spine aligned when you lie down to sleep, thereby preventing complications that arise from bad sleeping positions. Also, the bamboo fibre contained in the memory foam pillow is ideal for warm climate conditions or hot summer nights. It is delicate to handle, breathable, and extremely light. This is a feature that makes it versatile and suitable for warm weather conditions.

Below are the benefits of the memory foam pillow:


  • Good absorber

It comes with quality outer fabric, well-designed to absorb moisture in such a way that you do not have to worry about it being damp. Also, it eradicates pungent small, bad odour and any unpleasant smell that might be found on the pillow. This gives your pillow an everyday freshness and keeps it clean throughout usage. 

Most of the time, the regular pillows we purchase are short of this feature. During the period of usage, you discover bad odours emanating from your pillow because it has been exposed to moisture. The bamboo memory foam pillow keeps you comfortable and at the same time, gives you a fresh and clean sleeping experience with its extremely absorbable nature.


  • Anti-fungi

The issue of microbial infections arising from the use of damp, low-quality pillow has been on the increase for quite some time. When your pillow falls short of the ability to absorb moisture, and effectively eradicate bacteria organisms, then you are prone to contracting diseases. 

This pillow, with its inner fibre foams, is the perfect tool to fight against microorganisms. It comes with antimicrobial properties that allow you to sleep like a baby, by getting rid of the fungus, organic microbes, and bacteria that might result in microbial infections. 


  • Hypoallergenic benefits

Recent studies show that most products like pillows consist of hypoallergenic features. The AlignNeck bamboo pillow uses naturally occurring fibres for its function. It comes from a pure origin as they do not get exposed to a lot of chemicals during formation. When it is exposed to many chemicals, it leads to an increase in the level of allergic sensitivities. 

Compared to other materials, pillows with a description of hypoallergenic benefits may not entirely mean total assurance of no breathing allergies, even though it is a plus. However, they are generally gentle and ideal to your body system than your regular pillows. 

Furthermore, before bamboo is put to use, it goes through a series of processes to ensure it conforms to the required standards just like the silks and cotton. They are first pulped and afterwards exposed to chemicals which splits it's strong fibres and helps them to get ready for use. 

The AlignPillow has been associated with use for people suffering from allergies as they are a sure treatment and relief to them. Also, there are other sources by which allergy can be triggered, which is the amassing of mites dust. This pillow helps to prevent dust mites from being a nuisance to the environment. There are alternative products for the alleviation of neck pain like the neck hammock, which gives you relief from back/neck pain, and other conditions that arise from poor sleeping conditions.


  • Cooling effects

When it comes to ensuring sleepers have a cooler atmosphere while resting, this pillow gives you that. The fact that natural fibers breathe faster and easier than it's counterparts like the synthetics, gives it an edge over them all. 

A lot of people complain of warm body temperatures during sleep at night. This could bring a whole lot of restlessness and inability to sleep for long. 

Now, with the AlignPillow, you are assured of not just a peaceful sleep, but also a cooler one. During sleep, you get to relax as it is airy and soft to feel.

It is highly absorbent and moisture-free. As a result, you are assured of moisture on your bed's surface, and it helps to get rid of moisture on your face.


  • Adjustable nature

Naturally, the bamboo pillow is adjusted in two ways.

Firstly, depending on how you use your pillow, you can simply adjust it to suit your sleeping needs. This is to ensure that either your pillow is firm or extremely soft 

Secondly, you can add more materials to your foam by encasing your pillowcase to a new pillowcase. That way it is easier to achieve.

The AlignPillow, when combined with a softer fiber blend takes the feel of feathers. Even though some bamboo pillows are designed with a hard surface that is solid to touch, the memory foam pillow comes with shredded foam materials for the reduction in pressure points during sleep, and at the same time ensure airflow. An increase in the airflow further leads to a soft feel and makes you sleep better even during hot weather conditions. You could try out the J-pillow which is designed specifically for easy use, a quick nap in the afternoons and puts your neck and head in the right positions for comfort.

Why are bamboo pillowcases good for skin?

Pillows made from bamboo are extremely soft to feel as they come from smooth material. It is softer compared to the polyester and cotton from which other pillows are manufactured. 

Cotton or polyester is not very friendly to the skin. Pillows made with cotton and polyester causes friction to your skin during the night. It is a result of the rough surface associated with cotton fabrics. 

Therefore, if you desire a better feel between your pillow and skin, getting a bamboo memory foam pillow is the right decision to make. It's smooth and soft nature enables over it with ease, and it further reduces tension and discomfort that comes with sleeping at night.

Also, the bamboo foam absorbs moisture, but not as the cotton pillows do. It is designed in such a way that it is less absorbent, and allows your skin to remain fresh and moisturized for as long as you use it.


Are bamboo pillowcases good for side sleepers?

You may be wondering, are the bamboo pillowcases good enough for sure sleepers? The good news is that it is!

The bamboo pillow is a sure way to stay refreshed and energized for daily tasks. They are soft with a feathery feeling, comfortable to sleep on, and eco-friendly.

People take different sleep positions and each of them has its cons and after-effects. Side sleepers can effectively use the bamboo pillowcase to sleep on as it ensures comfortability, and enables users to adjust to any position of their choice. This means, it holds your neck and head at the same level and also provides adequate support to your neck.


Can you wash a bamboo pillow?

The bamboo pillow is softer than cotton, stronger than cotton, but can still be washed. Generally, bamboo pillows have a high resistance to germs and bad odour. 

You can either use your hand or make use of the washing machine. Below are brief instructions to follow while washing your bamboo pillowcase.

  • Firstly, using warm water is undoubtedly the best water to use for your bamboo pillow. An additional requirement is a detergent that doesn't not bleach. When you get your bamboo pillow, insert it into warm water, and add a mild detergent to it. Ensure the detergent does not bleach and it could have effects on your bamboo pillow.
  • Secondly, reading the instructions on the label before commencing. To increase the level of load in the washing machine, you may decide to add some towels to wash with it, but following the instructions is a safe way to wash your bamboo pillow.
  • Do not twist the bamboo pillow during washing, as this makes it look worn out. If there is no available washing machine, you could is your hands. While doing that, ensure to follow the same instructions as with the washing machine: use of warm water and non-bleaching detergent.
  • Last, during drying, endeavour to use the delicate cycle. However, it is advisable to put more than one pillow in the washing machine. If not available, get some tennis balls. It helps to keep your pillow in good shape after washing.

Memory Foam Pillow Bamboo

How long do bamboo pillows last?

Good bamboo pillows are known for its level of durability among other pillows. Normally, if you make constant use of your bamboo pillow, and it is washed every six months, the chances are high that your bamboo pillow will last for about two years. 

Also, the durability of a pillow depends major on the type of use it is out into and the care it receives. Who wouldn't discard a dirty, ugly-looking pillow? When your bamboo pillow is well taken care of, it lasts longer and allows you to maximize its use.

The benefits of the AlignPillow outnumber that of other pillows. With its soft nature, the bamboo pillow is ideal for all sleeping positions. Also, it helps to eradicate cases of neck pain that arises as a result of poor sleeping conditions with your regular pillows.

The bamboo memory foam pillow is the ideal pillow to help with your sleeping needs and provides a better sleep experience for those with allergies. Very popular in homes, the bamboo pillow not only keeps you feeling cool and calm during hot weather conditions through its airy nature, but it also provides support for your head and neck. If you desire to enjoy your sleep amidst hot weather conditions, and relief from neck pain, getting a bamboo pillow is a sure way to do that. 


Alternative products that can help relieve neck pain

Alignshoulder brace

The Alignshoulder brace is useful in keeping your shoulder in an elevated position therefore fastening the regular flow of blood to your shoulder. It helps in preventing the case of inflammation around the shoulders and ensure the fast relief from shoulder injuries. Also, it gives adequate support to your shoulders.


The AlignMat is an essential product for the easy circulation of blood to all the parts of the body. It is the perfect product for relaxation and relief from tension, and stress after the day's work. When you lie on the Align mat, you feel relaxed, refreshed, and it's useful for the curing of fatigue and headaches.


The AlignNeck Hammock is an easy-to-use, portable,  efficient traction tool well designed to minimize discomfort, arising from poor sleeping conditions, and eradicates neck or back pain by ensuring a stress free sleep and ultimate relaxation. It is a useful device that helps you reduce frequent trips to the therapist. With the AlignNeck hammock, you are assured of peaceful sleep, devoid of neck pain for a long period of time. 

AlignNeck Wedge 

The neck wedge offers you tremendous support and comfort when a conventional pillow cannot do the job. It is perfect for providing support for your legs, upper body and back. Individuals who have breathing difficulties, acid reflux, neck or back issues and poor circulation can count on it for relief.