AlignSupport Brace
AlignSupport Brace
AlignSupport Brace
AlignSupport Brace
AlignSupport Brace

AlignSupport Brace

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Stand tall & confident with the AlignSupport Brace! Designed to stop hunched and slouching shoulders whilst supporting the lower back and spine. 

Bonus: To help ensure your spinal health is at its best we have teamed up with Australian based Chiropractors to produce the "Protect Your Posture" eBook. We deep dive into all the tips and tricks to standing straight! 

FREE eBook with every posture brace order, learn:

  • Exercises and stretches you can do to strengthen your posture and spine
  • Proper posture for texting
  • Sitting posture
  • The best position for sleeping, sitting & laying down
  • And other useful tips & hacks

Walk Tall & Pain-Free! 

The AlignSupport Brace is developed with a thoracic pad zone containing two spine oriented steel plates, helping to stabilise your spine & reducing lower back pain. Ideal to use during sporting activities and in the gym!

Provide support for your back and allow the AlignSupport Brace to helps to realign the spine, stimulating blood flow throughout the back, neck and shoulder muscles. It is this increased blood flow that helps to relieve muscles from tension, aches and pains. 


  • S - waist: 80 - 95cm/height: 160 - 180cm
  • - waist: 82 - 99cm/height: 160 - 180cm
  • - waist: 84 - 103cm/height: 160 - 185cm
  • XL - waist: 86 - 107cm/height: 160 - 190cm
  • 2XL - waist: 80 - 95cm/height: 170 - 193cm

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Say Goodbye to Bad Posture With The AlignSupport Brace.