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[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat

Align Acupressure Balls Set

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The acupressure ball is the ultimate massage therapy item designed for relief and pressure. It is a beautiful gift for your body, especially after a hectic and tiring work schedule. Acupressure balls come in various types; the hard spiky ball (2.4 inches in diameter) is the best when a deep massage is needed, is perfect for stubborn knots, and releases muscle tightness). Next is the soft porcupine ball (also 2.4-inch diameter, perfect for loosening up tight muscles and for a gentle, soothing massage). This type of acupressure ball reduces pain from Plantar Fasciitis, ensures quick recovery, improves posture, and increases flexibility. The Lacrosse ball (also 2.4-inch in diameter is best for rehab type or sensitive spots massages on body parts such as the shoulder or neck.

How to use acupressure balls

The acupressure ball is used to significantly affect several parts of the body, notably the hands, legs, feet, neck, and back. These body parts have vital acupressure points, all of which can be stimulated for tremendous benefit using the Acupressure Ball. For proper usage, place the ball between the body part you intend to apply it to, press softly, and roll gently, overreaching as many areas of your body as you can. While pressing and gently rolling the ball over your body, you feel a gentle warmth indicating gradual pressure relief. Making a fist with the acupressure ball is another way of use. Acupressure ball is excellent and useful for relieving people who suffer from Raynaud's or arthritis disease, body pains, stiff neck, stress, aches, etc. The duration of use is between one to twenty minutes, depending on the body part being applied.

Acupressure balls for your feet

Science tells us that our feet contain thirty-eight muscles and can take-in over a thousand pounds of force daily. The feet have several nerve centres with acupressure points, making them a perfect match for the acupressure ball. Slowly rub the ball against your feet and take a deep breath as your whole-body weight is pressed into the spikes of the acupressure ball. You will notice that the moment you step on the ball, you'll feel a rush of energy up your legs. This treatment method is intense, so start with your socks on, and gradually you will get used to using your bare feet. Foot acupressure is known to help increase nerve function, treat Plantar Fasciitis and reduce headache severity. It is essential to use for a duration of one to five minutes for the best results.

acupressure ball for feet

Acupressure balls for your neck

The neck is noted for its tightness, usually as a result of stress and tension build-up. It may be caused by poor posture or sagging the shoulders over a keyboard. Tightness around the neck can also be caused by other conditions such as whiplash, pinched nerves, or arthritis. Be it chronic or temporary, the Acupressure ball relieves pressure and discomfort in the sensitive area of the neck. Allow the spikes of the acupressure ball to soothe the muscles of your tired neck by softly rolling or rubbing it over. The acupressure points on the neck can be profoundly relaxing when triggered and promote thyroid health, which reduces anxiety and stress. It is recommended that the process be done for ten minutes for great results.

acupressure ball for neck

Acupressure balls for your back

This can be done against the wall or when lying down. You can place the ball right over your spine and move gently up and down to allow the ball to massage the pressure points on your back. For lying down, it is preferred that you use a soft surface that allows your unique body shape to form, preferably a mat naturally. Sit down at the bottom of the mat and roll your back gently and slowly down until you are lying flat on the mat. Ensure your body weight is evenly distributed across the spikes if using a spiky ball. Once you have entered the desired position, focus on breathing slowly and deeply, you will notice your body and mind's gradual relaxation. Several vital acupressure points are located on the back, especially the lumbar region. Applying constant pressure to these areas can reduce and cure sciatica and lower back pain. To ensure you have the best result from the use, it is recommended that the application is made for about ten minutes.

acupressure ball for back

Other acupressure products

Acupressure Mat

Acupressure mats are used successfully by people struggling with illnesses, including stress, back & neck pain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, Poor Blood Circulation, and even extra weight. These properly engineered mats take in the shock and help to promote proper posture. They additionally assist to lower fatigue, relieve stress, and stop fitness issues.

Acupressure mats help stimulate the skin's pores and the stress points in the body, which produces endorphins, which is the body's feel-good and pain-relief hormone pain-relief. These hormones work to remedy ache and stress when produced by the body. The results are appropriately observed after using the acupressure mat for a 20 minutes session.


  • High resistance to temperature
  • Water resistance
  • Pet and child-friendly


  • Relieves cramps, migraines, sinus, and insomnia
  • Relieve Migraines & Headaches
  • Relieves Back & Neck Pain
  • Relieves Stress

Acupressure ring

An acupressure ring is a little metal ring with little triangular-shaped points that stimulates your fingers. Acupressure rings can be used when feeling tired, distracted, or feel numbness in your fingers. It is a wonderful way of improving concentration, generating energy, and improve health. To use the ring, roll it up and down your finger slowly. This small non-spiky ring creates a massive effect on the users' mental state, calming down frail nerves and soothing stress. With its ease of usage and tremendous impact on the user, it is no wonder the acupressure ring is gradually becoming a must-have in recent times.


  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Improve general body health
  • Helps in improving concentration