Posture Corrector Reviews

Not sure if you should purchase a posture corrector pro from AlignMat? check out just some of the hundreds of positive posture corrector reviews we have accumulated over the years! Remember we offer a 14-day money back return if you don't see any benefits.


Dean - "pretty good. does exactly what the photos say it does. even after you've taken it off, you can "feel" it still around your shoulders, so it should help you keep straight"


Jemma - "You know its working when you notice a little bit of stress on the area it is correcting. Great quality! Fast Shipping as it got to Broadbeach in 7 days!"


Cassandra - "Excellent product, it completely fulfils its function, when using it you immediately notice the difference, it took little time to arrive and was very happy with the quick results."


Aaron - "I have been using it for three days and I'm very happy with the results I have seen so far. At the moment it does its function and seems of good quality. Velcro holds well!"


Teagan - "Arrived very well packed and brochure product information. Am satisfied with the product and results, thanks AlignMat for meeting my expectations."


Lilly - "The description corresponds to the delivered product. The loops are soft. Stitched smoothly, Velcro good. The waiting time for the parcel is less than 2 week, so cant complain.


Shelly - "The parcel came quickly (just under two weeks) the description is accurate, velcro only at the ends of the regulating tapes. The material is soft, when you wear a stab and will not irritate. Thank you!


Pierrette - "Looking for something to help with my slouching shoulders and came across this,  quality is good, velcro is glued along the entire length of the corrector, which is very convenient, overall one week in and my posture has improved dramatically! thank you Jean"


Jason -"Fast delivery, came safe and sound. The first impression is the quality is good. I recommend AlignMat posture correctors."


Jamie-"Comes very fast, was scared it was coming from China at first, but nope. Aus post-delivery in one week, really happy so far with my posture improving daily!"


Rudolph -"Fast shipping. The material looks good and the velcro strips are quality"



Belinda-"Satisfied with the size for 1,82cm and normal corpulence and does his job thank you AlignMat"


Alyca - "It's like in the picture, comfortable to wear and at the moment it does pull and make your shoulders back. It will have to be seen if it is in time to correct"