Different Posture Corrector Sizes

Different posture corrector sizes

Posture braces just like people come in all different shapes and sizes! Many worry that they will order a posture corrector online and get the wrong size, doing so can lead to a number of issues, making your posture much worse rather than better. Due to this the team at AlignMat has put together a list of posture corrector sizes, so you can be confident in your purchase.

posture corrector sizes


AlignPosture Brace 

The AlignPosture Brace is designed to fit both men and women no matter their age or size! Developed with middle and upper back support, this brace gently pulls back your shoulders, decreasing slouching and poor posture overall. If you are suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain it's most likely due to poor posture! An AlignPosture Brace can help to rectify your posture and relieve you of your physical pain.


Classic Posture Corrector

Developed with thin yet durable material this classic posture corrector is universally known and loved due to its comfortable fit and amazing results! Designed for both males and females this corrector comes in a one size fits, meaning you don't need to worry about ordering the incorrect size.



AlignSuppourt Brace 

The AlignSupport Brace is designed for both males and females, helping them to stop slouching and stand straight and tall. If you are looking to re align your spine make sure you get the correct size listed below.


  • S - waist: 80 - 95cm/height: 160 - 180cm
  • M - waist: 82 - 99cm/height: 160 - 180cm
  • L - waist: 84 - 103cm/height: 160 - 185cm
  • XL - waist: 86 - 107cm/height: 160 - 190cm
  • 2XL - waist: 80 - 95cm/height: 170 - 193cm


AlignShoulder Brace

The AlignShoulder Brace is one of the most advanced posture braces and can help gently realign your posture in a natural way. Containing 12 magnets in the spine this brace can help support the spine if the correct size is purchased. Use the chart below and get the right posture corrector size for you!

Size: All measurements are based on waist size. 

If somewhere between sizes, we recommend choosing one size larger.

  • S- 60cm - 85cm waist
  • M - 70-90 cm waist
  • L - 80-100cm waist
  • XL - 90-110 cm waist


AlignBack Brace 

Designed for both men and women the AlignBack Brace has been specially designed with memory spinal support that provides more comfort and support to the neck, shoulders and back area. Check out the different sizes below.

Size chart:
Small: ( 60cm-80cm) Chest Circumference
Medium: (80cm-90cm) Chest Circumference
Large: (90cm-110cm) Chest Circumference
AlignBack Straightener

The AlignBack Straightener is designed to be easy to concealed under clothing while still providing great back and shoulder support. Designed for both men and women this corrector can be used in the gym or in the office to help combat poor posture. When choosing your AlignBack Straightener it's important to get the correct size!

Size: based on your shoulder width and weight.

If you are someone with broad shoulders always go with size L despite your weight.

  • S - shoulder width 30-38cm  (Suitable for 40kg - 55kg)
  • M - shoulder width 35-43cm (Suitable for 55 kg - 80kg)
  • L  - shoulder width 38-46cm (Suitable for 80kg-110kg)


It's important to ensure you get the correct size posture corrector, if not this can lead to more damage to your spine and posture! Taking the time to get your measurements and weight, while reading the charts above will ensure you get the correct size posture brace the first time.