Can a Posture Corrector Help Arthritis?

It's a common occurrence, you are at your desk or sitting down on the lounge, busy scrolling on your tablet or iPhone. It's only till you catch a glimpse of your slouched shoulder in the reflection that you realise how poor your posture is!

Unfortunate in today's modern age it is all too common to be glued to our phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. This consistent sloping of the head and shoulders creates a number of issues, this includes poor posture & an unaligned spine.

Poor posture not only negatively affects the mental and physical aspects of the body, but it can also increase the chances of developing serious chronic conditions such as arthritis. Bad posture places increased pressure on the spine, increasing the speed at which arthritis can occur in the joints of the body.

This leads us to ask the question, can a posture corrector help with arthritis?

What is arthritis?

Arthritis, simply means that one or more of the body's joints are inflamed. Well, what are body joints you might ask? Joints are two areas where bone makes contact with each other & often moves against each other.

There are multiple reasons for arthritis forming in the joints, in fact, there are over 100 different forms of arthritis! The most common arthritis experienced is Osteoarthritis, this is where the joints begin to degenerate, as well as the cartilage and muscles surrounding the joint. Often people at later ages of life will experience this condition due to wear and tear of the joints over time. Other conditions can also influence early arthritis, these include:

  • Genetic traits and health conditions
  • Dramatic join injuries through sports or road accidents
  • Being overweight placing extra pressure on joints

Despite there being no cure for arthirits there are ways you can help to decrease the onset of the condition. As well as techniques to help ease the pain that is associated with arthritis.

Can posture help reduce arthritis?

As mentioned your posture can play a big role in arthritis, removing bad posture habits such as slouching and hunching can cause extra pain and make life uncomfortable. Utilising self-care tools and regular exercises to help improve posture is a great idea if you are looking to manage arthritis. Increasing your spine health and flexibility also provides other benefits.

Will using a posture brace help?

A posture corrector is a great tool to help take pressure and stress of the spine, those with arthritis often experience pain when moving. Using a posture brace reduce these movements and motions, helping you to feel less pain.

Posture braces are great for people who are suffering from back-related issues due to arthritis, the adjustable straps on most posture correctors means you can find the right fit to best suppourt your back. We don't recommend wearing the brace all day, instead, use the corrector when participating in exercisies that can trigger pains! This could be when driving, food shopping or doing household tasks. Using a posture corrector will help to minimize the pain associated with these actions and arthritis.