All AlignMats are made with high materials and eco-friendly products to ensure you get nothing but a quality experience. Each AlignMat contains a removable cushion made of natural coconut fibre, with over 5000 lotus-shaped pressure points. 



Unfortunately, we do not recommend the use of the AlignMat acupressure mat to women who are pregnant. This is because certain acupressure points can be used to induce labour. Always consult your medical professional before using the Mat, if you are pregnant.



Yes, we have found that children love using the AlignMat! Kids can use the AlignMat to help relax and sleep better. We recommend for children using the AlignMat for the first time to wear shirts or socks until comfortable with the sensation on the skin. 



No, your weight won't affect the pressure of the AlignMat. No matter your weight you can comfortably and successfully use an acupressure mat. 



Step one is to fill up a bath, and if you don't have a bath, then a basin will work fine, ensure the water is light to warm and use laundry soap or dishwashing detergent to give it a slight bubble.

Step two is to take your acupressure mat and head to the top of the mats lining, and you will notice little velcro clasp. All you need to do is undo those and open them up, and you will see a foam base material, pull this out gently with little to no effort. Now you have two separate pieces of the acupressure mat.

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Step three is to take each piece and place it in the warm soapy water, give it a light clean and hang each piece out to dry. Ensure its outdoors where it can get sunlight and air naturally!

Step four, when dry and you're ready to put the foam base into the sleeve you need to be careful not to get pricked by the pressure points, it can be a little tricky, but we have a solution. Roll up the foam, doesn't have to be fancy just enough so that you can get to the bottom of your mat cover over the top. Fold the foam in half and grab the corners of the mat and then give it a little shake until the foam base is back in the mat material, then replace the velcro strips at the top and there you have it you're ready to go. We recommend washing your AlignMay at least once a month if you're using it fairly regularly, we don't recommend washing your alignmat weekly or daily, this can lead to damage on both the foam base and the pressure points.

clean acupressure pillow

Another way to give both your alignmat and pillow, a slight clean is to use a toothbrush. It's that easy, get a pure brand new toothbrush and gently rub against the pressure points. Don't use to much force as you don't want to blunt the pressure points in any way, do this until you feel satisfied. Overall a much longer process than washing but we have found it can be very relaxing, placing you in a meditative state as you clean each lotus point. 



Your AlignMat will take a little time to get used to, especially if you have never had acupressure treatment before. The lotus-shaped pressure points can at first cause some pain or discomfort, this usually last for about 5 minutes. After that, the body will start to go into a relaxed, warm state. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend wearing a shirt for the first few times you use your AlignMat.

As your just starting go for 10 minutes on the AlignMat, as you become more custom to the acupressure mat and pillow you can spend hours on it! You can even fall asleep on your AlignMat.



Your AlignMat can be used on any surface that is semi-flat comfortable surface, so yes the AlignMat can be used on your bed. If you are starting, we recommend using a softer texture like your bed. Alternatively, your bedroom floor, car seat or office chair all work wonders for your neck and back pain



Optimising the benefits of using Acupressure mats will depend on the body part you wish to use it for and how consistent you do it. For this reason, we collected all the information you need to know about acupressure mat use for a variety of body parts. the following list will guide you through your journey and bring you amazing results. 

Chest and Abdomen

This pose is also beneficial and should be part of your acupressure routine. A daily dose of chest pain relief will make not - just your day - but your life even better. The opposite of the back position, you should just switch sides directly after lying on your back on the acupressure mat. With the spikes being in contact with the whole area of your chest and abdomen, you will enjoy a quick tension relief on the muscles and the inner organs will have more space to make the deformations of inhaling, exhaling and food digesting even easier and more comfortable. This exercise can be useful if you have any physiological stomach pains (such as acid reflux), it never hurts to try! A brief period of rest on your chest and abdomen on the acupressure mat will put you in ease and make most of your stress disappear.

Duration 15+ Minutes.



You surely don’t want to suffer from any pain in your hamstrings given that they are the largest muscles complex in the body and they mainly assist with keeping the body erect. Taking care of these muscles using your acupressure mat is not a hard thing to do, just sitting legs flat on your mat will bring great results.You can also consider including your buttocks, lower back and even your hips and thighs to maximise the benefit from this practice, you can either lay flat with the mat directly under your buttocks and hamstrings, or just sit with your legs extended. This position will help with numb legs by improving the blood circulation and it also has great effects on sciatic nerve pains.

Duration 10+ Minutes.



The other supporting muscle of your body posture is the quadriceps which is located in your front thighs. This muscle is also large and takes a huge load of body support that is why it gets stressed a lot during excessive day activity or even after a few squats and leg extensions. The best option is to help these muscles recover after a leg workout session by using your acupressure mat. You can just lie flat facing the floor against your mat laid down. The spikes will work their magic around this area and release any hips, thigs or specific quadriceps pains, this helps with the recovery and gives you great results with time. Grab your acupressure mat, lay it abeam your thighs and lay down for a joyful experience of thigh massage in the most natural way recommended by Guru masters.

Duration 10+ Minutes.