Acupressure Mats For Feet

It's common for people to be on their feet all day, whether for work, running around doing chores or simply exercising. Our feet are one of the body parts that endure the most pressure, think about it, they legit support your body weight all day! Due to this foot pain is nothing new, especially for those growing into old age. Luckily, there are multiple self-care tools that can help, including acupressure mats which can be used from the comfort of your home.

Acupressure mats have seen a growth in popularity in 2017 with a number of A list celebrities endorsing it and their positive effects. Despite being relatively new in the western world, the acupressure mat has been around for hundreds of years in the form of nail beds! Originating from eastern medicine, yogis and others would use these devices for physical and mental issues.

How Does It Work?

An acupressure mat works via hundreds of lotus-shaped trigger points spread across the mat. When you lay on these spikes you activate meridians across the body! It is in this process that positive blood flow is stimulated, helping to heal and rejuvenate the muscles, joints and cartilage. This increased blood flow also triggers happy hormones in the brain, improving overall mood.

In the eastern world, this same process is viewed as chakra points in the body becoming unclogged. Allowing the energy (chi) to flow throughout the body!

Acupressure mats are used in the same manner as a regular acupressure session. Providing tress and muscle relief to the mind and body. These spiky mats can be some comfort that some people have even fallen asleep on their mat.

Use an acupressure mat for your feet

Are you someone who suffers from foot pain? Some people are on their feet all day due to work, others must where or perform in uncomfortable shoes. No matter the cause if you are feeling sore or achy feet an acupressure mat can help.

To use your acupressure mat simply place the mat on a hard surface, your floor would be best! Once down stand on the lotus-shaped spikes (quick note: if this is your first time using an acupressure mat it's best to wear socks until your feet are used to the sensation).

Once your feet are firmly planted on the spikes simply stand there for 10 minutes. You will feel a somewhat tingling sensation in your feet, this is normal and means the meridians are triggered and blood flow activated! Repeat this process daily for a few weeks, you will begin to notice less & less foot pain in your feet.

If you are suffering from pain in other areas of the body such as the back, neck or shoulders you will find an acupressure mat that can also provide relief for those muscles and joints.