Acupressure Mat Wholesale

Looking for a Wholesale Acupressure Mat Provider? 

In today's age, the acupressure mat has become one of the most popular self-care tools in the world. The item made up of a mat and pillow is utilised by individuals of all ages and sex, helping to revitalize, heal and cope in the modern world. Acupressure mats have been also been known to assist in reducing stress, anxiety, joint pain such as stiff neck and back, help decrease weight loss and boost overall mood. AlignMat offers Australia's premium acupressure mat's to the Australian market.

acupressure mat wholesale

How Do You Use an Acupressure Mat?
Wondering how to use an acupressure mat and pillow? Don't worry it's super easy! Basically, you start by lying down on your back (we recommend wearing a light shirt for your first time) do this for about 20 minutes, you will notice some slight discomfort but this will pass into a warm relaxing sensation.

This process is your trigger points across the body being cleaned and flushed out of deadly toxins as your blood rate increases, this can also be done by standing on the mat (remember to wear socks for your first time). The acupressure pillow is the exact same process but focusing purely on the neck region! Simply using your mat and pillow set daily can yield amazing results.

As we mentioned before the AlignMat acupressure mat helps the body rid of toxins and replace it with endorphins, this makes you feel more relaxed, calm, focused and overall happier. Our Acupressure mat can be used anywhere, including on office chairs, floors, beds, while driving and even at the beach. Any spot that's convenient can be utilised to get some self-care.

We recommend incorporating your acupressure mat into a morning and evening ritual, this is the best time to rid your body of toxins and waste built up from the previous day.

Where to Get Wholesale Acupressure Mats in Australia?
If you are looking for quality acupressure mats that are sturdy and dependable then AlignMat is the team to deal with! We are trusted Australian wholesalers of acupressure mats, back stretchers and other self-care wellness products. We truly believe that self-care and healing can help bring the world closer and we are always looking to partner with other business entities to help achieve this vision via wholesale distribution.

Acupressure mats have become extremely popular in today's age and demand is high, so ensure to meet the demand and stock AlignMat Acupressure sets in your store or online shop.

Our mats in different designs
Our AlignMats currently sell for $59.99 per set, with our wholesale program we offer a discount rate to $39.99 with a minimum of 5 units purchased.

We offer a further discount rate of $29.99 for orders of over 20 units.

Please note we currently only offer only our AlignMat acupressure mats in one colour with each order. This would mean if you purchase 5 units you can only get them in one colour, our options are the following:

  • Purple
  • Black
  • Blue

If you are interested in wholesale acupressure mats within Australia please email us at and one of our staff members will assist you.