Acupressure Mat Gold Coast

Many people in the city of the Gold Coast are suffering from both physical and mental issues then an acupressure mat might be the answer! AlignMat has been supplying Gold Coast acupressure mats and other self-care tools since 2017. Our products aim to provide an easy and natural way to combat pain both mentally and physically. Acupressure mats can be used nearly anywhere, driving in the car, working in the office, watching TV on the couch or studying at university.

Gold Coast acupressure mats are a great option to help with joint and muscle pain in a natural way.

What are acupressure mats?

Acupressure mats are designed out of organic material that is soft and ensures you get the most out of each session. Containing thousands of carbon plastic lotus-shaped spikes, our acupressure mat is specifically designed to help trigger muscles across the body. Many people use acupressure mats to help with feet, neck, shoulder and back-related issues. Designed overseas and stored locally on the Gold Coast you can expect your order to arrive in a matter of weeks.

How do acupressure mats work?

As mentioned acupressure mats have many spiky tips that, when pressure is applied, help to activate meridian points across the body! This process leads to stimulated positive blood flow which helps to provide healthy new oxygen to the body's muscles and organs. This has both a physical and psychological effect on the individual. In the eastern world, this is viewed as releasing clogged chakra points and allowing the Chi (energy) to flow freely throughout the body!

More information

Want to learn more about acupressure mats? maybe you are looking to wholesale? No matter the question we are always happy to have a chat. Get in touch at alignmatcontact@gmailcom.

Where we operate

Alignmat delivers Gold Coast acupressure mats all across, including:

We deliver all across Queensland: Irwindale, Bowenville, Morningside, Bald Hills, Banyo, Brighton, Brisbane, Airpor, Carseldine, Ferny Grove, Hamilton, Kalinga, Northgate Stafford, Stafford Heights, Taigum,  Virginia, Wavell, Heights Wilston, Windsor, Wooloowin, Zillmere, Nandi, Kumbarilla, Ducklo and Ranges Bridge, MacAlister, Kaimkillenbun, Moola, Alderley, Ascot, Aspley, Balmoral, Belmont, Bulimba, Camp Hill, Cannon Hill, Carina, Carina Heights, Carindale, Chandler Coorparoo, Gumdale, Hawthorne  Hemmant, Lota, Lytton, Manly, Manly West, Moreton Island.

Choice of Colour

All our Gold Coast acupressure mats come in 3 different colours:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Purple

AlignMat acupressure mats are just not in Brisbane, we are also in the following city: