Acupressure Mat Adelaide

AlignMat acupressure mats are the top self-care tool in Adeliade, helping people of all ages and sex overcome both physical and mental issues. Since 2017 AlignMats, Adeliade acupressure mats have been delivered all across both the metro and country regions of South Australia. Known as a small but vibrant city, the people of Adelaide often find life can cause stress which manifests in multiple health issues. An acupressure mat can help to overcome these problems including headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

Adelaide acupressure mats can be used anywhere at any time, helping you to practice self care while driving, working, watching TV or studying. If you want a natural way to improve your mood and wellness then an acupressure mat is the answer.

What are acupressure mats?

Designed from a natural material, alignmat acupressure mats are not only soft and comfortable but also effective. Containing multiple lotus-shaped plastic spikes, the acupressure mat can help to promote blood flow and help rejuvenate the body's muscels and organs! Many people are using acupressure mats on their feet, back, shoulders and neck. Stored locally in QLD, AlignMat acupressure mats will be delivered to your door in no time.

How do acupressure mats work?

Adelaide acupressure mats have thousands of lotus spiked points across the mat's surface area. When pressure is applied, such as lying down on the mat, the sharp points trigger the meridians in the body. in eastern medicine, this is viewed as charka points, with the Chi (energy) being allowed to flow freely through the body. In the western world, this is viewed as positive blood flow, allowing the muscles and organs to be re-energized.

More information

If you are looking to learn more about acupressure mats or get involved in wholesale get in touch with us at and we will do our best to help.

Where we operate

We ship all throughout South Australia including Monteith, Moorlands, Mount Gambier, Naracoorte, Pt Augusta, Renmark, Yorke Peninsula, Adelaide Hills, Coorong, Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Elizabeth, Edithburgh.

Choice of Colour

All our Gold Coast acupressure mats come in 3 different colours:

  • Purple
  • Black
  • Blue

AlignMat acupressure mats are just not in Adelaide, we are also in the following city: