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AlignShoulder Brace

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Over the years, there have been shoulder hunches and pains arising from poor sitting/walking posture. At one time or the other, you may have experienced your core muscles' bending and a little hunching of the back.

Long hours at work, sitting down with shoulders hunched, or bent over sorting those files could cause many shoulder problems. At times, we discover the effects on our posture. As we all know, bad posture is the wrong way to live, as the consequences are numerous.

poor posture

Standing tall, having our backs pulled back while walking, or sitting up tall is one sure way of maintaining a good posture. 

Bad posture makes your muscles weak, out of shape, and imbalanced. As a result, you may suffer from injuries, degenerated joints, and pains in the joints. Often, it may further lead to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition that occurs when the flexible tissues surrounding the ends of bones wears down. Victims experience pains on the knee, lower back, neck, and hips.

What Causes Rounded Shoulders?

Rounded shoulders or thoracic kyphosis come as a result of poor sitting and walking postures. It refers to the inappropriate rounding or curvature of the upper or middle back.

It also refers to a resting shoulder position, which has deviated from the normal body alignment. It is otherwise known as "mom's" posture due to how the back and shoulders slouch.

A lot of factors could contribute to the development of Rounded shoulders in an individual. They include; environmental causes, muscle malfunction, and of course, postural Imbalances. 

shoulder brace for posture

Below are some of the common causes of Rounded shoulders:

  • Environmental causes

Some respiratory diseases like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia can affect the body system's normal functioning. It hinders the diaphragm from contracting and relaxing correctly and further impairs the body's breathing mechanisms.

The restrictions arising from poor breathing ability and the diaphragm's inability from functioning well can lead to the malfunctioning of the thoracic spine, which, in turn, leads to a rounded shoulder.

  • Muscle/Posture Imbalances

Posture imbalances have been severally linked to significant causes of room shoulders. For instance, when an individual changes their head's optimal position to take a different position when on the computer or focusing on an object, the upper part of the body will have to move forward to balance appropriately. This activity, when repeatedly carried out, can cause rounded shoulders.

Also, when you consistently have your upper arms in front of you during cooking hours or when driving, it could lead to rounded shoulders. It shortens your muscle bones and shifts the shoulder blades to a forward position, thereby causing your shoulders and backside to move forward.

  • Psychological factors

Apart from muscle imbalances mentioned above, some psychological factors contribute to the rounding of shoulders. The brain works at a fast rate and is best for relaying information. When the brain perceives an impending threat, it prepares itself to either fight it or leaves it. It fights against it by tightening the abdominal, and in some cases, it leads to rounded shoulders. Some psychological factors include; financial issues, health issues, and emotional stress. When these are not given immediate solutions, over time, it leads to rounded shoulders. 

Do shoulder posture braces work?

The use of shoulder braces as a means of regulating bad postures and muscle imbalances, as well as relief from shoulder pains, have been on the rise. If you are suffering from back pain, shoulder discomfort, or stiffness, then it's high time you acquire a shoulder brace. 

Experts have recommended shoulder braces in health and fitness as a means of combating poor postures and shoulder pains arising from muscle Imbalances. Your active social life, emotional state, and the overall functioning of your body can be affected by poor postures cases.

Do shoulder braces work for posture?

Muscular Imbalances arising from poor postures lead to tightening of the muscles and pains in the joints.  These conditions can be frustrating, as they may take time to heal, but with the right posture brace, you will feel better and further improve your posture.

A lot of posture shirts, braces, and other posture enhancing devices are available, specifically designed to help you sort out your posture needs. Depending on where your discomfort lies or the type of poor posture you are battling, there are different braces to suit your needs.

The advancements in technology and technological gadgets have led to people spending more time with their mobile phones or bent over typing in their computers. Also, long hours at work, stress, and fatigue has led to poor postures and the likes being on the rise. 

In the marketplace, there are many products and devices made available for use and exercises; all you have to do is pick the right one for you.

Shoulder braces are means of combating the rounding of shoulders or hunching of the upper backs. The body's soft muscles tend to get right across the chest when we extend our shoulders forward while sitting or standing for a long time. This results in pain or discomfort when you try to adjust or stand upright. 

A shoulder brace like the Alignshoulder brace is a useful device for ensuring good postures and eradicating cases of shoulder or joint pains. With a right shoulder brace, you are expected to use it for a minimum of 15-30 minutes every day to get faster results. It pulls back the muscles and gets them in the right position to function well.

Therefore, if you are unsure as to whether the shoulder braces like the Alignshoulder is a useful device for countering poor posture, then the answer is yes! Your shoulders drawback with the Alignshoulder brace, your chest lifts, and your upper arms rotate. When you wear it for about 8-9 hours per day, there are sure to be improvements as your body tissues get used to the movement.

shoulder brace for posture

Can you wear it all day?

The shoulder braces are designed mainly to improve poor posture, shoulder discomfort, and joint pains. It is compact, portable, and easy to use. Also, it is one device you can use at any given time or location. It could be at home, in your office, or even during daily workout exercises. The most important part is to ensure consistency during use to provide faster results and relief from shoulder pains. 

Now, for the Alignshoulder brace, you could start wearing it for a minimum of 15-30 minutes. If by chance, you feel discomfort or pain as a result of prolonged use, then you have to remove it. It usually happens during the first few times of use, when your body has not gotten used to it. As time goes on, you can then increase the number of minutes you wear the shoulder brace, as the longer you wear it, the faster your body gets used to it. When this is regularly repeated, your body adapts to the correct posture, saves you the discomfort that arises.

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When it comes to affordability, the Alignneck hammock has several price ranges to suit your budget. This depends mostly on type and quality suitable for tackling your problems. 

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