AlignPosture Brace
AlignPosture Brace
[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat
[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat
[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat

AlignPosture Brace

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Comes in one size fits all.

The AlignPosture Brace is designed to seamlessly fit onto your body, unisex it provides middle and upper back support. When worn, the posture corrector pulls back your shoulders, stopping slouching and placing them in the ideal position. If you are suffering from back, neck, shoulder pain or headaches then the AlignPosture Brace can help to relieve you. 

Bonus: To help ensure your spinal health is at its best we have teamed up with Australian based Chiropractors to produce the "Protect Your Posture" eBook. We deep dive into all the tips and tricks to standing straight! 

FREE with every posture brace order, you’ll learn:

  • Stretches and exercises you can do to strengthen your spine and posture
  • Proper texting posture
  • How to sit at your desk
  • The best position for sitting, sleeping and laying down
  • And much more

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What are the benefits of the AlignPosture Brace?

Recover from injuries!

When we have bad posture it's more likely for injuries to occur in the neck, shoulders, lower & upper backs! With the consent use of technology in our everyday lives, we are slouching more than ever. This poor posture has lead to many strains and injuries to our back, neck and shoulder muscles & ligaments.

A posture corrector is a tool that is used in modern times to help stop back, neck and shoulder pain. When our spine is aligned due to good posture you will have a flow-on positive effect. Proper spine alignment creates better blood flow throughout the back muscles, this helps to restore and repair these muscles. If you are someone who suffers from sporting injuries then using a posture corrector can help improve health.

Neck Pain management

If your someone who has a stiff neck when you wake up in the morning you can be assured it's due to poor sleeping posture. Instant relief can be found by improving your posture, shoulders back, chin up and you will find your neck pain will decrease within hours! Often poor posture places extra pressure on our neck and can cause damage to the muscles in the region. Using a posture corrector Australia helps to combat these issues and help you have a better quality of life.

Good posture

When you have good posture there are multiple mental and physical benefits. A posture corrector ensures the shoulders and back are supported, placing the spine in correct alignment. This helps decrease the chance of injuries and damage to the back, neck and shoulder region. If you play a lot of sports or do heavy weight lifting at the gym, then you want to ensure your posture is good to ensure no injuries occur.

The mental benefits of good posture have also been recorded. When we stand tall with our chin up we experience more confidence and power subconsciously. This "superman" pose has been recorded coined by body language experts due to its confidence-boosting effect! When we feel more confident we have a better quality of life, this is vital for mental health and overall wellbeing.

Back & spine support 

Posture correctors are specially designed to help support the wearer's spine and back. It does this by taking pressure off the lower and upper back muscles, keeping them supported and aligned with the spine. Poor posture and slouching can take our spine out of alignment, this awkward positioning causes damage, strains & tears in the muscles. Every day, simple activities such as walking, sitting and standing can add pressure to our spine, a posture corrector helps to stop this. 

We currently stock 4 main posture correctors Australia, they are: