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AlignKnee Pillow

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What are knee pillows and how can they help?

Pillows are a great way to minimize pain in different areas of the body. They come in different shapes, sizes, thickness, and materials to cater to differing concerns. Knee pillows, are specifically designed to be placed in between your knees or under your legs as you sleep, and are proven to help reduce lower back pain. So which is the best one?

The AlignKnee Pillow is made of thick, premium memory foam cushions in the shape of a letter X but with wider flares on both sides to support your legs and keep your hips in its natural sleeping posture throughout the night. Memory foam provides excellent support as it adjusts to your body shape. It does this by absorbing your heat and softens under high pressure, moulding itself into your natural shape.

It is wrapped in fabric that is gentle even on sensitive skin. This fabric can be removed and washed as needed. This pillow does not contain any flame-retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. It is safe and non-toxic for the whole family!

knee pillow

How A Knee Pillow Can Help With Back Problems

Just as how common neck, shoulder, and joint pain can be, back pains are nothing new to the general public either. Roughly over eighty percent of adults would experience back issues in their lifetime. Lower back pain and sciatica, more specifically, have caused one too many sufferers a good night’s rest and a great throbbing pain first thing in the morning.

There are a number of conditions commonly linked to back pain, which include long-term effects of serious injuries, ligament strain, muscle spasms, bulging or ruptured disks, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Ligament and muscle strains are caused with repeated heavy lifting or sudden awkward movements in a way that bends your spinal ligaments and activates the said muscle spasms. Less common factors that attribute to lower back pain could be kidney issues, hormonal changes especially in women, or postural matters.

What are the common risk factors for developing lower back pain?

Age. It is universal knowledge that as you get older, back pain becomes more and more common. This is due to how your body physically ages, the weight your back has been exposed to over a certain period of time, and the types of activities you get yourself into as you mature.

Lack of exercise. Muscles in your back and abdomen that are unused or not properly maintained can get weak pretty fast and eventually lead to back pain.

Excess weight. By acquiring excess body weight, you also add extra pressure on your lower back.

Improper lifting. Many people use their back muscle to lift heavy objects when in fact, using your legs is the proper way to avoid injuries in this scenario.

Smoking. Studies show that smokers have an increased rate of acquiring back pain. The reasons are yet to be confirmed but this may occur because smokers tend to cough more than a non-smoker, which may lead to herniated disks. This act can also decrease blood flow to the spine and increase the chances of osteoporosis.

 How do I use the AlignKnee Pillow?

There is a variety of sleeping positions you can comfortably lay in while using one of these pillows. The best sleeping position to pair would be on either of your sides. You may place the pillow in between your knees, in between your calves, or on top of one knee while you stretch the other outward.

For those who are more accustomed to sleeping on their backs, you may also place the pillow right beneath your calf and still experience the same back pain-reducing benefits.

What are the benefits of using the AlignKnee Pillow?

Reduces pressure on hips and muscle tension

Those that sleep on their sides experience having their knees knocked together all night long, which can cause lower back pain due to the misalignment of the hips. By using the AlignKnee Pillow in between your knees, you can comfortably sleep without your knees knocking together, your hips naturally aligned, and with pressure on your lower back greatly reduced.

Prevents the spine, neck, and muscle pain

Spinal alignment is crucial in getting quality sleep and keeping your posture at a comfortable form. With the pillow under your knees or between your legs, this limits any chances of strain your spine, neck, or muscle joints could experience as you sleep.

Helps in minimizing symptoms of sleep apnea

Not only does having the AlignKnee Pillow help with lower back pains, but it can also aid conditions such as sleep apnea. Because the pillow can help align your spine and keep your cervical area in line with the rest of your body, this, in turn, helps open your airways, helping you breathe easier and more naturally as you sleep. This can also help reduce the chances of snoring and risk of heart disease.

Reduces muscle cramps, varicose veins, and sciatica

Keeping a pillow under your legs eases sciatica, which is a type of pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve, travelling from your lower back, hips, buttocks, and down your legs. It can also reduce the chances of waking up with muscle cramps or developing varicose veins since it keeps everything aligned and your blood flowing as it naturally should.

Improves blood circulation

Waking up with a part of your body numb can be a hassle, but it is preventative. In order to improve blood circulation, add a pillow under your knees or between your legs.

Advocated good sleep posture

It is a well-known fact to practice good posture during our day-to-day activities as this can prevent muscle and ligament strain. But there is not enough attention to practising good sleeping posture even if it is just as important. We spend about a third of our day in bed, that is a long time to keep your body in place. Investing in the AlignKnee Pillow can help keep your spine and hips aligned, help avoid aches, pains, and trips to the chiropractor or masseuse.