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Back Stretcher Australia - Fix Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Don’t spend hundreds on physio sessions! The AlignBack Stretcher for $39.99 is your self-care tool for LIFE! 

Align Back Stretcher Pro is one of the most popular multi-level stretching equipment designed to help you stretch your back with ease. It has features that help

  1. Relieve back, shoulder & neck pain
  2. Improve poor spinal alignment
  3. Improve flexibility & posture 
  4. strengthen lower back muscles
  5. Relieve pinched nerves 
  6. Loosen tight muscles  

What our customers say!


"Simple but super effective! have been struggling with lower back pain for the last 6 months and searched for natural solutions, the align stretcher pro is valid and came within 5 days. Would recommend anyone who is having back pain or issues"


"So at first, I thought this would actually hurt like hell! and it did! but only for the first 5 minutes, after that my lower back felt way looser and overall better. I suggest starting at level 1 and working your way up."

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    Perfect for those who want a more comfortable option for the workplace office chair, car ride or bedroom! Helping to improve & maintain posture as well as relieve back pain, Spinal Stenosis, Herniated Disc & Sciatica Nerve damage.

    This back stretcher is a perfect device to help you stretch and extend your muscles and ligaments. You will also notice an increase in range of motion and flexibility while at the same time, improving your posture. 

    Take a look at these amazing features that AlignBack Stretcher Pro offers:

    Easy to use
    Align Stretcher Pro is effortless to use. Simply place the back stretcher on the floor and then lay over it. You can feel instantaneous relief because of how it extends your spine and relieves the stress and strain on your back caused by driving, prolonged sitting, or others. 

    Help relieve chronic back pain and correct posture
    This back stretcher can also work as preventive care for your back muscles and spine. The daily activities that you do like sitting all day, extended use of the computer, or other physical activities can lead to posture imbalances or problems with the spine. However, with regular use of back stretchers, these activities' harmful effects can be prevented and reduced, improving your overall health. 

    Multi-level design
    AlignBack Stretcher Pro is designed with 3 different stretching arches. This feature will allow you to adjust your stretch's intensity, depending on your level of comfort and experience. You can start with a lower intensity stretch and slowly work to achieve deeper stretches.

    Comfortable material
    Align Stretcher Pro is made of soft silicone materials for the back but sturdy enough to provide good stretch for your spine. With this back stretcher, you can lay down and ease the tension on your back while relaxing at the same time.

    Portable and Lightweight
    This back stretcher is very convenient to carry anywhere you need it. It can be easily moved around and stored due to its lightweight material and compact design. You will not have a problem bringing it when you're travelling or putting it away when not in use.  

    back stretcher

    Relive Your Lower Back Pain Today!

    Back Stretcher Pro is one of the best equipment that you can have at home when you need quick relief from back pain and muscle tension. It is designed to be in sync with the natural curvature of your spine and is made to ensure your comfort as you stretch. This device is an innovative and affordable way to help you decompress your spine and take its weight off and allow you to relax anytime and anywhere you want.
    A back stretcher pro is an innovative tool that you can use in the comfort of your home. When using a back stretcher, you do not have to spend so much time and effort using it. Simply devote 10 minutes of your time to stretching.

    This equipment can prevent chronic back pain, improve your range of motion, and protect your back. The great thing about these stretching devices is that you can experience the difference and benefits without going to a physical therapist. You can also feel a deep lower back stretch in as fast as a few minutes. Multiple studies & surveys have shown that back stretchers can help to relieve you from back-related issues. 

    To help you learn more about back stretchers, we will talk about what are the things that you need to know about Align stretchers, how they work, and the benefits you can expect from using it. 

    What Are Back Stretchers and What Are The Benefits?

    Align back stretcher are designed to stretch your back typically while lying on the floor. It can help lengthen your spine while helping you maintain a comfortable position. With the use of a back stretcher, your muscles can fully relax compared to when stretching your spine on your own. 
    Aside from the main benefit of reducing lower back pain, it can also improve your flexibility by loosening the muscles around your spine that have become stiff and tight over time. Chronic back problems such as slipped disk, spinal misalignment, and bulging disc can also be prevented using one of these devices. 
    Besides these long-term benefits, they also have immediate results, such as relief from stress, and muscle tension, and a boost in blood circulation, and blood flow. On top of that, stretching can also uplift your mood and improve your energy levels, which provides better health and promotes overall well-being.

    Who Can Benefit From a Back Stretcher?
    Anyone that is suffering from chronic neck and back pain can benefit from an align stretcher. Consistent use helps with the following

    • Sciatica causes throbbing pain in the vertebrae, using a stretcher can help
    • Bulging disc pain decreased
    • Helps improve poor posture
    • Reduces pain associated with lower back Arthritis
    • Degenerative disc pain reduced
    • Back nerves that are strained or pinched
    • Sooths back muscle strain
    • Scoliosis pain decrease
    • Lumbar spinal stenosis

    Are They Safe?

    For the majority of people, a Align Back  is safe to use, but we warn that if you are pregnant, have osteoporosis or have an infused vertebra then you should check with a doctor before using a Align Back   
    Using the align back for the first time will be a little painful, this will only last for thirty seconds and then pass. After 10 minutes of use, your back will feel significantly better. If you notice any pain during or after your session, ensure to see your doctor. 

    How to use your Them?

    We are assuming you have got your back stretcher pro in your hands as you read this, meaning you are ready to learn how exactly and correctly to use your align back pro. So let's start and break down the three critical steps, which are the setup, using the back stretcher and how to properly exit without doing damage to yourself or the back stretcher pro.
    Setting up: Once you have gotten the box with your back device you will automatically notice that it comes in two separate parts. These together make up the item and are super easy to set up, all you have to do is find the wide side of the stretcher, this part has all the trigger points on the curve side. The next step is to take this part and place it on the base, this is super easy as it should just slide into one of the slots on the base, this will clip in and give you a different arch level depending on which slit you place it in. We always recommend if you are a beginner then go for the first level! Once done inspect your device pro and make sure it's aligned and properly centred, this is critical as you want the stretching to occur over your spine and not other muscles and bones. 
    How to use your back stretcher pro How to use your back stretcher pro How to use your back stretcher pro How to use your back stretcher pro
    Using When we start we want to find a large empty space, ensure the ground is even and smooth and there are distractions. Once you found yourself a large enough space you're comfortable with, you're gonna sit down on the floor with your Align stretcher! From here you're gonna take the wide side of the align stretcher and put it at the base of your spine, so once it's at the base of your spine you're gonna use your core to start slowly curling down to the floor. You don't want to just crash down abruptly onto the back stretcher, you might hurt yourself and can reactivate or worsen the symptoms you might be experiencing.
    Once it's at the base of your spine you're gonna engage your core, slowly curl down take your time go into the floor and keep your abs tight. Once you're low enough you can use your elbows to support yourself even more and start sliding into place. So now that you are flat on your back stretcher the number one thing to do is to do nothing, just don't forget to breathe, breathing is a key component of the healing and rehabilitation, it's gonna allow your body to shift from a sympathetic nervous system mode to a parasympathetic nervous system mode.
    when you're in a parasympathetic state your body is in a state of healing and rehabilitation restoration. rest breathing is will help facilitate your body getting into that mode, enabling you to allow yourself the most healing possible. The breathing step is super easy, you breathe in through your nose and you breathe out through your mouth! You repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes daily, optional things you can do is you can put your hands over your head and just point your toes and just try to extend your body and maintain your breathing at the same time. this is gonna help provide traction for your back stretching out those tight muscles and ligaments that contribute to your tightness and your back pain.
    Getting on & off 

    let's start by saying how not to get off! you don't want to get off the align stretcher by just doing a straight sit-up off of the product, you might react negatively and do damage such as herniation, so don't do any sudden or abrupt movements.  similar to the hip bridge motion you're gonna firmly put your feet on the ground
    bring your feet close to your glutes and raise your hips up and then from there your gonna reach under with one of your hands, move the product aside and then bring your hips back to the floor. then you place one hand on the floor and then you roll onto your shoulders. even more and slowly start using your hands to push your way up back to an upright position back to cross-legged. hopefully, from there you'll be able to get up and go about your day all right

    In short, the answer is yes, but don't expect to go from 5,4 to 6,2! Overall you will see a slight increase due to the improved posture and flexibility the back stretcher gives you. So basically stretching and extending your spine gives you a few extra cm to your overall height. How does the align back device do this you might ask? When you stretch your spine it becomes hydrated with nutrients that increase the blood volume of the jelly-like substance that are between the discs of the spine. When this process occurs it can add to your height. 

    What to Look for When Choosing?

    Here are some of the features you should note when looking for the best back stretcher for you. 


    When looking for a back stretcher, it is crucial that you can adjust the intensity of your stretch. You have to remember that with regular stretching, you will get more flexible. So, it would be best if you had a back stretcher that will allow you to adjust the arch accordingly.
    You can use lower intensity through this feature if you are just first starting to do back stretches or even on days when you feel more stiffness. And then, you can intensify your stretches later on by adjusting the arch. You will realize that you want a back stretcher that allows you to deepen your stretches and adjust the arches according to your comfort. 


    Speaking of comfort, a good align stretcher should have a curvature that fits your spine. It should have a design that allows you to relax and ease the tension on your lower back muscles naturally when you lay on it. 

    Although naturally, you feel a stretch, it should not be to the point that it feels uncomfortable. You can look for a back device that is well padded too. This design will help you hold a stretch for a more extended period without feeling any discomfort. 

    Easy to Store

    Another feature you should look for with a back device is how easy it is to store. If you are one of those who regularly use a spine stretcher, you want to have the ability to move it around more easily. You can look for designs that are not too heavy or bulky. These features will make it easier for you to put it away when you want and carry it wherever you need it. 


    The truth is, no equipment works perfectly for everyone. So, if you are planning to buy a back stretcher, look for brands that offer a money-back guarantee warranty. You will want to return a back stretcher that doesn't feel comfortable on your back. With this, you should pick an option that will let you have your money back if it does not work for you. 

    Having a stretcher is worth the investment, whether you are suffering from lumbar pain or simply want to stretch and improve your spine's health. If you plan to buy one, Aling Stretcher Pro is one of the best brands in the market, offering wholesale orders as well as straight to consumers. 

    back stretcher

    Back Stretchers Help Improve Posture! 

    Keeps you energized

    When you have a busy day ahead, there's nothing worse than feeling unproductive and lazy. Although sleep, a balanced diet, and exercise are the most common solution for this, did you know that your form your sitting or standing can also affect your energy levels?

    According to experts, your spine's alignment has a direct effect on the amount of energy that your body produces. This is where posture correctors come into play. This tool helps in keeping your head, neck, and shoulders aligned, giving you an instant flow of energy at times you need it the most.

    Boosts confidence

    Having a good posture is one of the traits that most people incorporate with confidence. The classic chest out, chin up, and hands-on-hips pose is synonymous with charisma, self-esteem, and power. It is an uncommon sight to see successful people hunched over with a closed-off posture. This shows signs that they believe in their ability, in themselves, and they feel confident.
    A posture corrector can help you adapt to a more open and assertive stance in any given situation. Also, for sure, confidence and poise are attractive not only to potential employers or business partners but to romantic partners as well.

    Facilitates breathing

    Practising a good posture can also help you breathe a massive sigh of relief. Maintaining a straight back will assist in opening up airways, allowing your lungs more room to expand. As a result, more oxygen can enter your bloodstream and improve blood circulation. These factors can aid in enhanced brain function as well as keeping your muscles healthy.
    Various studies have shown that people who maintain good posture can concentrate better on their work and excels better than their slouching counterparts.

    Reduces stress

    Managing stress levels for most is a daily challenge. However, maintaining a properly aligned spine signals our body to produce fewer stress hormones called cortisol. This will aid in helping us feel a greater sense of inner calm. No wonder experts agreed that it is much easier to face frustrating situations if they maintain good posture.
    Understandably, being mindful of our posture takes practice. Although it is not always practical to get into a lotus position, smart posture correctors can help provide a more strategic way to get in touch with your body and start practising good posture.