AlignBack Straightener
AlignBack Straightener
AlignBack Straightener
AlignBack Straightener
AlignBack Straightener
AlignBack Straightener

AlignBack Straightener

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Looking for a simple way to improve your posture and give you that runway confidence? Our Back straightener seemingly sits across your shoulders and upper back, reducing back pain and stopping hunching and slouching. Designed so you can not notice it at all, the AlignBack Straightener is the little secret model that actors use to give them that perfect posture. Suitable for both men and women, this back straightener is perfect for the gym during a workout or at the office desk. 

Size: based on your shoulder width and weight. 

If you are someone with broad shoulders always go with size L despite your weight. 

  • S - shoulder width 30-38cm  (Suitable for 40kg - 55kg)
  • M - shoulder width 35-43cm (Suitable for 55 kg - 80kg)
  • L  - shoulder width 38-46cm (Suitable for 80kg-110kg)

What are the benefits of the AlignBack Straightener?

Heal faster & reduce injury

Poor posture has many negative effects on the body physically. Shoulder stains, lower & upper back pain, as well as neck soreness & headaches, all caused by bad posture. Technological advancements have made our lives a lot easier, however, this has come with a price! Slouching over smartphones, laptops and other devices has created a generation of slouchers within Australia.

Posture correctors are a great self-care tool that helps to combat poor posture and the issues associated with it. The AlignBack Straightener helps to gently pull back your shoulders and push your chest out and realign the spine. When the spine is placed back in realignment, you get better blood flow throughout the back muscles. This can help significantly with lower and upper back pain.

Decrease neck pain

Hundreds of Australians wake up each morning with a stiff or sore neck! This issue is caused by poor sleeping positioning, placing stress on the joints & muscles within the neck. If you suffer from a sore neck then a posture corrector can help to provide instant relief, helping to stretch the muscle and provide support. Using a posture corrector Australia can also help in stopping the issue from occurring, keeping your spine aligned and posture strong while you sleep.

Perfect posture

Having good posture has numerous benefits, both physically and mentally! When you wear a posture corrector your spine is placed in the correct position, with shoulder pulled back and chest sticking outward. This provides support for the muscles around the neck, shoulders and back. If you are someone who lifts weights or plays sports then a posture corrector Australia can help in reducing the chance of injury.

Posture also has a physiological effect! When we feel anxious or depressed we physically embody this with poor posture, slouching and hunching over. The opposite happens when we feel confident or strong, our check pushes out, shoulders back and chin up high, physiologist has coined this term the "superman pose".

Back support

A back straightener has a unique design that helps to support the lower and upper back muscles. This support also helps to realign the spine, stimulating more blood flow! People with poor posture often have back pain and other spine-related issues, placing pressure on the bodies joints, muscles & ligaments. A back straighten helps to combat these issues and keep the stress off your lower & upper back muscles.

We currently stock 4 main posture braces, they are: