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Causes of stiff necks

One of the common causes of neck pain is poor sleeping postures. A lot of people suffer from this! Poor sleeping posture has led to several stiff neck cases that can't be recounted. Stiff necks arising from poor sleeping positions result from inadequate provisions for devices that will facilitate healthy sleeping habits. Good mats, mattresses, and pillows can help you stay sound and away from stiff necks. With the new Alignneck pillow, you are a big step away from stiff neck, neck pains, and even shoulder pains. 

Other causes of stiff necks include;

  • Issues with the cervical spine
  • The cervical spine should be aligned properly at all times. When it deviates from doing that, that is where complications arise. If the cervical spine or a slight part of it deviates or shifts slightly, it can cause a series of pains and stiff necks. 

    The cervical spine is made up of the vertebrae, disc of the upper neck part, and the spinal cord. 

    Some disorders might contribute to stuff necks due to cervical spine disorders. 

    Cervical osteoarthritis is one of them. Due to blocked or stuck nerve pathways, it leads to stiff necks and muscle strain.

    Also, a herniated disc is a disorder that can cause stiff necks. It brings pain and irritation to the nerve roots and the upper arms.

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  • Strain
  • Muscle strain is a common cause of stiff necks in humans. In the body, a muscle links the cervical spine with the shoulder, which is done by the muscle that

    occupies the length from the back to the neck region. 

    There are lots of ways one could have a muscle strain. They include;

    • Stress from strenuous activities done during the day.
    • Long hours spent tilting the head to an awkward position when using the television set, laptop, or mobile phones can lead to poor postures over some time. 
    • Poor sleeping positions and lack of proper sleeping facilities, like good pillows and comfortable beds, can develop poor postures, leading to stiff necks.
  • Serious injuries
  • At times, people experience injuries on a vital part of the body, and the neck is not an exception. Accidents involving the neck region, heavy falls affecting a part of the neck, and neck sprains, can have serious effects. It causes muscle sprains, strains, and stiff necks.

  • Heart problems
  • Heart attacks are linked with cases of neck pains or stiff necks. Certain symptoms would help you ascertain whether you have a heart attack or not. It comes with symptoms like; discomfort or pain in the arm, shit breath, sweating, etc. Then, there is a high possibility that you are experiencing neck pain.

  • Meningitis
  • Meningitis can be referred to as the inflammation of the brain and spinal cord membranes. It is mostly caused by a viral infection but can also be caused by fungi or bacteria. Mostly, it spreads by airborne respiratory droplets like sneezing. 

    People with meningitis are associated with headaches, fever, and in some cases, fatigue. If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of meningitis, it is advised to get help from qualified medical personnel, as failure to do that might result in serious issues.

  • Tumours
  • Tumours can also lead to a stiff neck. When a brain tumour is found in the cerebellum, it can lead to neck pains or stiff neck. Also, an individual suffering from cancer as a result of tumours found in the body's cervical spine can lead to a stiff neck, and in some cases, it leads to sore necks.  

  • Cervical (disc) disease
  • Over time, the cervical discloses its hydration level and height. As a result, this leads to an increase in pressure on the nerves, soft tissues, and joints, like the muscles and ligaments.

    When this happens, it is imminent that it will lead to a stiff neck or pain.

    How long does a stiff neck last?

    The intensity in pain and how long stiff necks last can vary from one individual to another.  

    Most people try to alleviate or get temporary relief from stiff neck by making a futile attempt to turn the stiff neck to face a different direction. This is not an effective technique! 

    Typically, a stiff neck can last from two to three days to about a couple of weeks. This comes with excruciating pains from difficulty in turning the head in a particular direction.

    After a day or two of experiencing a stiff neck, most people get paranoid, and a lot too, seek immediate relief in the wrong places. As much as it is okay to seek relief, doing it the right way is the best way to get lasting relief and ensure that a stiff neck does not occur again. 

    Relaxing for the first few days of the stiff neck can further ease the stress and allow the neck region's delicate tissues to heal properly. 

    Can stress cause a stiff neck?

    Anxiety, stress, and fatigue has been undoubtedly proven to be part of the major causes of a stiff neck and pains. This causes infections, injuries, and muscle strains.


    Suppose you are experiencing a stiff neck due to stress and anxiety experienced while carrying out the normal human routines. In that case, you might consider looking into these steps to help you get immediate relief.

  • Meditate
  • Meditation has been linked to the cure to several emotional or anxiety-related issues. It has a way of soothing the nerves, relaxing the mind, and giving peace and serenity. You never know; that could be all you need to get over a stiff neck.

  • Stretch exercises
  • When you exercise, you get to loosen up on tight muscles and tissues. An example is the movement of the neck from one region to the other. This is done slowly to avoid complications.

    However, if these neck stretching exercises are repeated several times, you are sure to see the results. It also helps to move the neck to certain areas that will subsequently increase the neck's movement over some time. Start with two to three neck stretches per day.

  • Relief massage
  • Massaging is an important factor for relief. It gives relief from strenuous activities of the day; massages have a way of easing the muscles' tension and tightness in the neck region.

  • Ask for assistance
  • If the cause of your neck pain or stiff neck is due to stress and anxiety, then it's time to seek help from family and friends. 

    When should I worry about a stiff neck?

    The first step to take when you experience stiff neck symptoms is to carry out the above-listed step if your case is stress-related.

    After you must have carried out these self-help tips for immediate relief, it is time to seek medical personnel help if the stiff neck or pain persists.

    Also, when red-flag symptoms accompany your stiff neck, then it's high time you visit the hospital.

    They include;

    • Loss of weight: This happens when one is not on a diet or food plan.
    • Excessive sleep: It leads to a lack of proper attention and poor productivity.
    • Vomiting
    • Fever: Or high blood pressure
    • Headaches: The rate it occurs, if different from others in the intensity, and duration, is a red flag.

    These symptoms and more should be properly checked, and if need be, seek medical personnel services, although it does not always mean there is a serious condition.

    Devices for stiff neck remedy

  • AlignNeck Hammock
  • The Alignneck hammock is a device specifically designed to provide relief and comfort from neck pains, which results from poor structural imbalances. One thing about the Alignneck hammock is that it is highly convenient to use, be it at the office, home, or even at the gym. With the Alignneck hammock, you get to cancel trips to the therapist, as this device serves the purpose of aligning your body to the right posture and keeping it on the right track to prevent neck pains.

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    Setting up your Alignneck hammock

    Setting up the AlignNeck hammock is quite easy to do. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and does not require any rigorous process set up. There are just a few instructions to follow in order to set up your Alignneck hammock properly. They are;

    Firstly, you can set up your Alignneck hammock at any location of your choice, be it your home, office, etc. If you decide on where to set it up, then you will fix a strap at the post in your home. Then, you fix the string. Ensure that it rests some meters above the ground. 

    Then, you lay back and put your neck inside the hammock, resting your back on the ground. The neck hammock usually consists of two straps used for attachment.

  • AlignPillow
  • The Alignpillow comes with a variety of sizes to suit a users' needs. It is a soft pillow that provides enough comfort and relaxation while sleeping. With the Align pillow, you are a step ahead of being prone to stiff neck or pain, as this pillow helps to keep your head in the right position. It is for all sleeping positions.

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    What is special about the Align pillow?

    The Align pillow comes with a lot of qualities that make it stand out of other pillows. They include;

    1. Cooling effects

    The Alignpillow is one pillow you can trust to give you a cool atmosphere while sleeping. Most people tend to have sleepless nights, and this results in tossing on the bed all night. The Align pillow, with its fibre nature that gives it an edge over other pillows, allows you to sleep soundly. The Alignneck pillow is moisture free and very absorbent that absorbs all moisture and gives you a peaceful sleep. 

    1. Hypoallergenic qualities

    Most pillows have hypoallergenic qualities, and the Alignneck pillow is not an exclusion. Having hypoallergenic qualities does not necessarily mean total assurance from all breathing allergies. However, it goes through a series of processes, which is done to ensure it conforms to the required standards. 

    1. Anti-fungi

    Most pillows are associated with cases of microbial infections arising from damp foams. A high-quality pillow is known for its high absorbent nature and its ability to protect users against microbial infections. 

    The Align Neck pillow is specifically designed to protect you from all microbial infections. It has antimicrobial properties that will ensure you can sleep like a baby without having worries. 

  • AlignMat
  • The Align mat is a product that you can trust for comfort and relaxation. It helps to ease stress, anxiety, and fatigue from strenuous activities. When you lie on the Align mat, you get to relax and trigger pressure points across your body. It is a great remedy to shoulder pain, neck pains, and even stiff neck.

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  • Align Shoulder brace
  • The shoulder brace's active use has been linked to relief from shoulder pain, neck pain, and postural imbalances. If you are showing symptoms of shoulder/neck pain, then it's high time you get the Align Shoulder brace as a consistent use eradicates every form of shoulder pain. 

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    A lot of factors can contribute to rounded shoulders. It could be postural Imbalances, environmental factors, or sometimes phycological issues. 

    1. Postural imbalances

    It is one of the major causes of rounded shoulders in man. This is what happens. When using our mobile phones or typing on the computer, we tend to change the head's optimal position to a different one. If this is repeated and formed as a habit, it leads to rounded shoulders. 

    1. Environment

    Some respiratory diseases, if not taken proper care of, leads to rounded shoulders. They hinder the body's normal functioning by making it impossible for the diaphragm to contract and relax as it should. It also affects the breathing mechanism of the body. As a result, the body malfunctions, and is prone to rounded shoulders. 

    1. Phycological issues

    This is also a major cause of rounded shoulders. Usually, the brain prepares itself ready for impending danger when it perceives an incoming threat or danger. It tightens the abdominal, and this leads to rounded shoulders. A lot of factors could be responsible for physiological issues. They include; health challenges, financial issues, etc. 

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