In today's modern world the power of acupressure has been harnessed in the form of spiky mats, also known as the AlignMat. These spiky mats use the power of acupressure to help both physical and mental tension & stress. Acupressure was first utilised in ancient China well over a 1000 years ago, releasing muscle tension via applying pressure to specific pressure points found throughout the body. This process helps stimulate meridians in the body, increasing blood flow and muscle relaxation throughout the body.

At AlignMat we stock our very own Spiky mats in the forms of the AlignMat, we also stock and ship other acupressure trigger point products such as acupressure rings and ball sets. Below we have outlined our 3 best acupressure products, how they work and how they can help your physical and mental health.

Spiky Mat (AlignMat)

The AlignMat acupressure mat is designed with over 300 lotus-shaped pressure points that as mentioned above activate and stimulate meridians around your body. You would be amazed where you find these Merridans, on your fingertips, earloops, feet and belly! When you lay off the AlignMat your blood flow increases creating a natural healing effect on the body and its muscles, this at first might seem a little uncomfortable but try it out for 5 minutes and soon the weird sensation shifts to a warm relaxing feeling.

Our AlignMat comes with both an acupressure mat and pillow, this allows you to target all areas of the body, from the base of your feet, up to the top of your neck! For only $59.99 the AlignMat is a great gift to a friend, loved one or yourself. 

Align Ring (acupressure rings)

These might not look like the most fashionable piece of jewellery but the Align Ring will help you destress and unwind. Remember how we said there are Merridans all across your body, well this includes your hands and fingers. When you were an acupressure ring you are stimulating the pressure points associated with restfulness and relaxation (yep, we were shocked by this fact as well) 

An acupressure ring can be used in the office, driving home from work or during a lunch break! meaning you can get an energy boost whenever, wherever. Priced at $24.99 the Align Ring is a must-have for those looking to relax and unwind. 

Align Acupressure Balls (3 sets) 

This 3 ball set gives you direct access to 3 different types of acupressure balls, all in which help relieve your muscles from pain and tension whilst helping you relax. The acupressure ball set comes with the following 3 balls.

Hard spiky acupressure ball (2.4 inches) - This is a heavy-duty massage ball which is perfect for getting out those tight knots and stubborn aches. At first, this hardball will feel tough on your body but the results after speaking for themselves.

Soft porcupine acupressure ball (2.4 inches) - This ball is the definition of acupressure ball as it's covered in large spikes to help reenact the effects of acupressure. Great for loosening up tight muscles and even better to help your body recover after rigorous workouts.

Lacrosse acupressure ball (2.4 inches)- This softer acupressure ball is perfect for the neck and shoulder region. Helping to improve flexibility and overall reducing pain in those areas!