AlignBack Brace
AlignBack Brace
AlignBack Brace
[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat
[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat
[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat
[Acupressure Mat] - AlignMat

AlignBack Brace

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If the AlignBack Brace doesn’t help your body unwind, just return it, we offer a 21-day return policy. Read the reviews below for past orders.

Designed for both men and women the AlignBack Brace has memory spinal support giving extra support and relaxation to the back and neck region. The strap design gives a gently pull back on your shoulder whilst keeping the lower back supported for comfort. 
Size chart: - measurements done under bust 
Small: ( 60cm-80cm) Chest Circumference
Medium: (80cm-90cm) Chest Circumference
Large: (90cm-110cm) Chest Circumference

FREE with every posture brace order, you’ll learn:

  • Stretches and exercises you can do to strengthen your spine and posture
  • Proper texting posture
  • How to sit at your desk
  • The best position for sitting, sleeping and laying down
  • And much more

What are the benefits of the AlignPosture Brace?

Heal and reduce injury!

Bad posture often enhances or causes injuries to happen in the lower, upper back, shoulder and neck! Slouching is a big factor in poor posture, and as we slouch over our laptops and smartphones more and more we are seeing a generation with multiple posture-related issues. Strains and muscle soreness in the neck, shoulders and back have unfortunately become common.

Using a posture corrector to lightly pull back your shoulders and stick out your chest, will help to combat pain within these key areas. A posture corrector also helps us realign our spine and support our back muscles, this caused better blood flow, which helps repair and refreshes the muscles in the back, neck & shoulders. If you suffering from muscle strains or soreness in these areas, a posture brace can help to provide immediate relief!

Reduce neck Pain

Stiff neck is a common issue for many people but what is the cause? Poor sleeping posture is the key to neck related issues in the morning! When you sleep in a bad position you place stress and damage to the muscles and bones in that region. A posture corrector can help combat this pain by taking pressure off the back muscles and realigning the spine. This can even be worn while asleep to help reduce the chances of the stiff neck even occurring.

Better posture

Great posture has multiple mental and physical benefits, and a posture corrector helps you achieve this great posture. Proving support to the back, lightly pulling the shoulders  & chest naturally puffing forward, all thanks to a posture corrector. Spine alignment also occurs when you were a back brace, helping to support the neck, shoulders and back. If you are someone who does a lot of exercise & sport, you might want to consider a posture corrector to minimize the risk of injury.

Good posture also has a positive psychological effect as well! When we stand in a good posture we feel more confident and sure of ourselves. Multiple studies have shown that we subconsciously communicate with ourselves and others via our body language. When we feel more confident, we are happier, and this has a flow-on effect on our quality of life.

Spine & back muscle support 

Posture correctors Australia unique design mean you get full back muscle support when you wear them. Not only that, your spine naturally shifts and starts to realign with the rest of your body! When we have poor posture due to slouching, our whole bodies are out of whack, leading to extra pressure and strains on the bodies muscles and joints. A simple exercise that we do each day, such as sitting & walking can lead to injury and pain when our spine isn't aligned. A posture corrector can help combat this issue.

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