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AlignShoulder Brace - $49.99

Over 35 Five Star Reviews

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This brace is one of the best posture correctors available in the market. It uses world-first smart textiles to help correct your posture in one simple step!

With 12 tourmaline magnets across the spine, the AlignShoulder Brace stimulates and activates blood flow throughout the spine and back muscles.  

If you’re seeking pain relief and improved posture, this clever posture corrector will do wonders.

The AlignShoulder Brace is super comfortable, easy to use, and provides an instant spine alignment correction. You can expect long-term improvements in back pain, when standing, as well as realignment of the spine.

This is more important than ever now, with many of us working from home more often and spending long periods in front of our devices.

It costs just a fraction of a physio or chiropractic appointment but delivers ongoing benefits you’ll love.

Oliver"I'm a graphic designer so I sit in front of my laptop all day. The job's alright but I hate the back pain that comes with it at the end of every day. Decided to get this one because I want something with full coverage that I'm comfortable working in. Works like magic!!"

Key Features Include:

  • 12 Tourmaline magnets across the spine
  • Stimulated blood flow
  • Improved spine alignment
  • Pain relief
  • Benefits in both the short and long term
  • Free shipping across Australia
  • Excellent value for money


AlignBack Straightener - $29.99

Over 20 Five Star Reviews

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Do you want real improvements to your posture that help improve your enjoyment of daily life? The AlignBack Straightener is a small, slick, and highly effective solution.  

The simple design easily sits across your upper back and gently pushes back your shoulders. You’ll feel the change right away and be surprised by how much you slouched before!

It is small and easy to conceal, as you can wear it under clothing, so it goes unnoticed. This spine adjuster is often utilised by catwalk models and athletes to help them maintain a straight back and optimum posture for better performance.

The AlignBack Straightener is unisex and suitable for both males and females across Australia. It is a posture corrector that offers both long-term and short-term benefits:

Eve - "I love this thing! I bought another posture corrector on Amazon that was cheaper before getting this one and I shouldn't have wasted my money on the other one. It is so essential to have flexibility in a posture corrector so you don't just feel like you're in a straight jacket. It allows for your body to get used to better posture naturally and not forcefully."

Short-term benefits of the AlignBack Straightener include:

  • See and feel an instant improvement in your posture
  • A confidence boost from less slouching
  • More comfortable posture

Long-term benefits of the AlignBack Straightener include:

  • Realignment of the spine naturally
  • Improvements to back strength and posture
  • Decrease in neck, shoulder & lower back pain

It works for everyone and is available in three different sizes.

Use the chart below to find the best fit for you:

  • S - shoulder width 30-38cm  (Suitable for 40kg - 55kg)
  • M - shoulder width 35-43cm (Suitable for 55 kg - 80kg)
  • L  - shoulder width 38-46cm (Suitable for 80kg-110kg)

If you are someone with broad shoulders always go with size L despite your weight. 

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    AlignPosture Corrector - $39.99

    Over 30 Five Star Reviews

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    If you need help with your posture and improving your lifestyle – the AlignPosture Corrector is a great choice for you.

    It is the most common (and one of the most popular) posture corrector. Why? Well, the brace is unisex in design, and it has a universal size that fits all shapes and sizes.

    It is made from super-soft materials that provide the ultimate comfort when wearing it!

    Better yet, the AlignPosture Corrector can be easily concealed. It can be worn anytime you need to adjust your posture and relieve pain – at home, at the office, at school, at social events, and more! Over time you’ll be so used to regular wear, you might even forget you’re wearing it!

    As soon as you place on the posture corrector you will notice a significant improvement in your slouching. Your shoulders will be pulled back, and your neck supported. Most wearers report feeling an instant increase in confidence and stronger body language.

    Sammi - "got this corrector as a Christmas gift and wow what a difference! I work from home full time and am at my desk a majority of the day hunched over so this has been a great help."

    Some of the long-term benefits of wearing the AlignPosture Corrector include:

    • Helping realign your spine
    • Improvements to your natural stance
    • Building back muscle strength
    • Decreasing joint pains in the shoulders, neck & back

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    AlignBack Brace - $44.95

    Over 40 Five Star Reviews

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    There’s no need to live with bad posture and back pain. In fact, the AlignBack Brace is designed with memory spinal support across the spine and is one of the most comfortable posture correctors available in Australia.

    The brace has an ergonomic design and contains orthopaedic plastic, so it fits across the body comfortably. This provides balance and stability around the neck and shoulders where it’s needed most.

    The added shoulder protection net means that weight and pressure are spread evenly across the shoulders. The lower back correction stops the lower back from taking on too much weight.

    Dorothy - "My posture and "forward neck" had been getting worse and worse over the years. I went to the Physio recently about a bad shoulder and she commented on how my shoulders were permanently hunched in the forward position. It was then I decided to do something about it and order the AlignBack Brace. This has been such an easy fix to the problem. I started wearing it daily, a few hours at home and a few hours at work under my shirts and it has worked a treat. My posture has improved no end, even when not wearing the device, and I would recommend it to everyone. Easy to put on and comfortable. Well worth the money."

    Overall, as far as posture correctors go, the AlignBack Brace is easy to use and provides excellent comfort.

    It offers some amazing short and long-term results that include:

    • More confidence from less slouching
    • Improved posture
    • foam padding to stop skin irritation 
    • Less back, neck and shoulder pain
    • An affordable solution that can be used anytime

    Size chart:

    Small: ( 60cm-80cm) Chest Circumference
    Medium: (80cm-90cm) Chest Circumference
    Large: (90cm-110cm) Chest Circumference


    AlignSupport Brace - $59.99

    Over 45 Five Star Reviews

    posture corrector

    Imagine improving your posture and enjoying less muscle and joint pain caused by slouching. It’s easier than you think with the AlignSupport Brace!

    This brace has a revolutionary thoracic pad zone and contains two separate spine aligning steel plates. This helps stabilise your back muscles and prevents lower & upper back pains and aches.

    Take control of your posture! 

    Now you can correct your posture and decrease slouching at the same time. The great news is, that regular and consistent use of the AlignSupport Brace won’t just stop back pain issues in the short term – it will help prevent them from occurring in the long term!

    This is a perfect posture corrector for those looking for maximum support and comfort. It will also offer improvements to spine alignment and blood flow through the back muscles.

    Zanna - "I've had a problem with pain in my left rear side for 2 months. The doctor suggested I get a back brace as he felt it was posture related. I've worn this back brace now for a week and it works! Plain and simple. It pulls your shoulders back and keeps your back in the correct position. It's easy to wear all day and you actually forget you're wearing it after several hours of having it on. I'm using it when I'm sitting and when I'm driving and so far... two thumbs up!"

    It is available in a wide range of sizes and is suitable for men and women. Look below to find the correct size for you and take control of your posture! 

    Size chart:

    • S - waist: 80 - 95cm/height: 160 - 180cm
    • M - waist: 82 - 99cm/height: 160 - 180cm
    • L - waist: 84 - 103cm/height: 160 - 185cm
    • XL - waist: 86 - 107cm/height: 160 - 190cm
    • 2XL - waist: 80 - 95cm/height: 170 - 193cm

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    Other posture braces we stock: 

    Women's Posture Corrector 

    posture corrector australia

    This posture corrector is specially designed for a woman's physique.

    It provides a flexible fit suitable for a range of female frames and helps eliminate slouching, whilst adjusting the spine naturally.

    If you want to have the confidence to wear dresses, sportswear, and other clothing without feeling self-conscious about the look of a curved spine from slouching, this can help make a difference.

    Better still, this wonderful product makes it super easy to conceal under your clothing and is comfortable enough to wear daily. No one will even know you’re wearing it!

    It’s an ideal women’s posture corrector for anyone seeking real results and the perfect self-care aid to help improve posture.

    posture brace


    Classic Posture Corrector 

    posture corrector australia

    Made from a thin, breathable material, the classic posture corrector is one of the most well-known posture devices in Australia.

    It is an easy-to-use, adjustable device that works equally well for both men and women of all sizes.

    It’s a helpful option to aid in naturally realigning the spine and decreasing shoulder, neck and back pain.

    It’s never too late to start using a posture/alignment corrector to improve slouching and the uncomfortable side effects that come from poor posture. You will not only see and feel some near-instant changes but also many long-term benefits too!

    posture corrector


    To help ensure your spinal health is at its best we have teamed up with Australian based Chiropractors to produce the Protect Your Posture Book. We deep dive into all the tips and tricks to standing straight!

    FREE Posture Book with every order, learn:

    • Exercises and stretches you can do to strengthen your posture and spine
    • Proper posture for texting
    • Sitting posture
    • The best position for sleeping, sitting & laying down
    • And other useful tips & 

    If your looking to fix slouching then a posture corrector is a good choice in helping you on this mission. AlignMat stocks the best posture correctors within Australia, offering high quality with low prices & free shipping across the country. Remember if you want to reach the perfect stance faster it's best to pair a posture corrector with regular posture stretches & a healthy diet.

    If you're still unsure if you should purchase a posture corrector, check out some of our reviews!


    FREE Shipping Australia Wide On All Posture Braces! 

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    Relieve Poor Posture, Slouching, Back & Joint Pain! 

    We often find ourselves with poor sitting posture, in an office chair all day, staring down at our smartphones and slouching as we play video games. This makes maintaining a good stance nearly impossible to achieve! Bad posture is on the rise in Australia but first, how does one identify it?

    First, a good stance begins with the back muscles keeping the spine in perfect alignment. This helps support the spine and keep it in optimum function. Over time, our poor daily habits, lack of exercise & weakened back muscles start to affect the posture & stance, causing slouching and rounded shoulders! Slouching can also be a genetic trait or even caused by injuries that negatively affect the motion and natural alignment of the spine.

    Due to our back muscles playing such a vital role with stance it's best to start with focusing on training & building up those muscles. As discussed when our back muscles are strong they provide support in keeping the natural alignment of the spine. Simple exercises and light weight lifting can really make a difference, combine that with the right posture corrector (it's important to choose the correct brace) and you will find your body's spine naturally corrects itself. 

    How does slouching happen?

    Bad posture is due to the tightening and shortening of muscles in the back, this causes them to become weaker, often due to a persons day to day activities. If untreated, these weakened back muscles will lead to injuries, pain and other health-related issues.

    There are multiple variants that affect stance negatively, these include physical activities in which multiple forces repeatedly expand and contract. Poor spine alignment is also linked to psychological issues, these include headaches, neck pain and depression. Individuals with high-stress occupations are more likely to develop neck and shoulder issues.

    If you are not sure about your spine alignment take our posture test and find out if your posture is perfect! 

    Below are some of the common causes of Rounded shoulders:

    • Environmental causes

    Some respiratory diseases like lung cancer, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia can affect the body system's normal functioning. It hinders the diaphragm from contracting and relaxing correctly and further impairs the body's breathing mechanisms.

    The restrictions arising from poor breathing ability and the diaphragm's inability from functioning well can lead to the malfunctioning of the thoracic spine, which, in turn, leads to a rounded shoulder.

    • Muscle/Posture Imbalances

    Spine imbalances have been severally linked to significant causes of shoulders & neck pain. For instance, when an individual changes their head's optimal position to take a different position when on the computer or focusing on an object, the upper part of the body will have to move forward to balance appropriately. This activity, when repeatedly carried out, can cause rounded shoulders.

    Also, when you consistently have your upper arms in front of you during cooking hours or when driving, it could lead to rounded shoulders. It shortens your muscle bones and shifts the shoulder blades to a forward position, thereby causing your shoulders and backside to move forward.

    • Psychological factors

    Apart from muscle imbalances mentioned above, some psychological factors contribute to the rounding of shoulders. The history of posture braces and poor posture, in general, show a direct link between the way you stand and your overall mood. The brain works at a fast rate and is best for relaying information. When the brain perceives an impending threat, it prepares itself to either fight it or leaves it. It fights against it by tightening the abdominal, and in some cases, it leads to rounded shoulders. Some psychological factors include; financial issues, health issues, and emotional stress. When these are not given immediate solutions, over time, it leads to rounded shoulders

    Do posture correctors work?

    A common question is, do posture correctors help with slouching? Regular use of a posture corrector not only helps to correct the poor stance but also decreases multiple physical issues as well. If you are someone who is suffering from neck, shoulder or upper, or lower back issues, you should look to purchase one of our best posture correctors in Australia.

    Doctors and other medical professionals recommend the use of a posture corrector in Australia to help combat issues related to poor slouching. If you find yourself slouching a lot due to work and other environmental factors then a posture corrector should be considered. Bad slouching can have negative effects on your work life, social life, sleeping patterns, emotional state & physical functions.

    Even people with physical disabilities can benefit from a posture brace but be cautious this is dependent on the condition. Always advise your medical professional before using a posture corrector if you have a disability. 

    Multiple studies have proven a link between strong posture and good mental health. When we experience bad thoughts and emotions we physical manifest them by hunching, slouching and concaving the chest! Feelings of happiness and confidence have the opposite effect, with the body opening up, shoulder back and chin raised. This stance is known as the superman pose and has strong psychological links to self-confidence and a good stance.

    Pregnant women can also benefit from Posture braces as they provide great support for the added spinal pressure! 

    Physical benefits are also experienced when you improve your slouching. Some of these include:

    • Improving spine strength to decrease the chance of injury in older age
    • Decrease the chance of arthritis and other bone diseases
    • Increase the level of joint motion and flexibility
    • Improve lung capacity and develop natural breathing patterns

    Another benefit of posture correctors, even when you are not wearing them, is to make you conscious of your stance throughout the day. A Posture corrector in Australia can definitely help you improve your stance but it's all about what you do when you don't have it on that determine how long term the effects are felt. 

    Can you wear a posture corrector all day?

    The posture corrector is designed mainly to improve poor stance, shoulder discomfort, joint pains & medical conditions such as scoliosis & osteoporosis. It is compact, portable, and easy to use. Also, a posture corrector can be used at any given time or location. It could be at home, in your office, or even during daily workout exercises.

    The most important part is to ensure consistency during use to provide faster results and relief from shoulder pains. Remember if you are wearing your brace regularly you will want to wash and clean the posture brace in order to maintain it. 

    It's important to ensure your posture corrector isn't tight, this can have a reverse effect on your overall spine health. 

    Now, for the Alignshoulder brace, you could start wearing it for a minimum of 15-30 minutes. If by chance, you feel discomfort, pinching or pain as a result of prolonged use, then you have to remove it. It usually happens during the first few times of use, when your body has not gotten used to it.

    As time goes on, you can then increase the number of minutes you wear the posture corrector, as the longer you wear it, the faster your body gets used to it. When this is regularly repeated, your body adapts to the correct posture, saving you the discomfort that arises.

    Some people should not wear a posture corrector, especially those with past shoulder or back injuries, however, most people can benefit from wearing a posture corrector and should wear one.

    Can you sleep in a posture corrector?

    Many sources claim that you can wear a posture brace while you sleep, this is something we do not recommend tho as it's not a safe option when using a back brace. Although posture correctors can be worn for long periods of time, it's best to give your back muscles and spine time to rest while sleeping.

    Remember, as you wear the brace you are fixing your slouching and reactivating back muscles that haven't been used in a while. Sleep is a great time for your new used muscles to rest and your spine to start realigning.

    The one time we do recommend wearing a posture corrector when sleeping is if you are suffering back pain that keeps you up at night! A posture corrector can help to combat the pain throughout the night, however, we always recommend seeking medical advice if you suffering severely.

    Posture Corrector Australia Wide! 

    AlignMat is truly Nation Wide! Find our shoulder and posture braces in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide & all surrounding regional areas.

    We also offer posture corrector wholesale prices for those within Australia, please get in touch to learn more information.