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Best Posture Correctors Australia

In 2021 we often find ourselves sitting in an office chair all day, staring down at our smartphones and slouching as we play video games. This makes maintaining a good posture nearly impossible to achieve! Bad posture is on the rise in Australia but first, how does one identify it?

First, a good stance begins with the back muscles keeping the spine in perfect alignment. This helps support the spine and keep it in optimum function. Over time, our poor daily habits, lack of exercise & weakened back muscles start to affect posture, causing slouching and rounded shoulders! Slouching can also be a genetic trait or even caused by injuries that negatively affect the motion and natural alignment of the spine.

Due to our back muscles playing such a vital role with stance it's best to start with focusing on training & building up those muscles. As discussed when our back muscles are strong they provide support in keeping the natural alignment of the spine. Simple exercises and light weight lifting can really make a difference, combine that with a posture corrector and you will find your bodies spine naturally correct itself. Here are just a few posture adjusters that we recommend if you're ready to stop the slouching and stand straight!


AlignShoulder Brace

Using world fist smart textiles this is one of the best posture correctors available in the market. Designed with 12 tourmaline magnets across the spine, the AlignShoulder Brace stimulates and activates blood flow throughout the spine and back muscles. This helps to provide relief from back pain, as well as realignment of the spine. Super comfortable, the AlignShoulder Brace provides an instant spine alignment correction and helps to improve long-term standing.

  • 12 Tourmaline magnets across the spine
  • Activate and stimulate blood flow.
  • Improve posture in both the short and long term.
  • Free shipping across Australia.
best posture corrector


AlignBack Straightener

Small, slick and highly effective, these are the traits of the new AlignBack Straightener. Its simple design sits across your upper back and gently pushes back your shoulders. Small and easy to conceal this posture adjuster is often utilised by catwalk models to help them maintain a straight back. Used by both males and females across Australia, the AlignBack straighter has both long-term and short term benefits.

In the Long term, help naturally align the spine, build back strengthen and decrease neck, shoulder & lower back pain. In the short term, experience an instant confidence boost as your posture improves as soon as the AlignBack Straightner is worn.

Coming in three different sizes, check out the chart below to find the right one for you.

  • S abt 30-38cm  (Suitable for 15kg - 35kg)
  • M abt 35-43cm (Suitable for 40 kg - 60kg)
  • L  abt 38-46cm (Suitable for 75kg-100kg)
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AlignPosture Brace

The AlingPosture Brace is universally known as the most common posture fixer! there are strong reasons for this as this brace is unisex in design, has no set size with it fitting all shapes and sizes & super soft materials. Easily concealed, the AlignBack Brace can be worn at home, in the office, at school or at social events.

As soon as you place on the back brace you will notice a significant improvement in your slouching, with your shoulder, pulled back and your neck supported you will see an increase in confidence and stronger body language. Long-term the AlignBack Brace helps to realign your spine, improving your natural stance, building back muscle strength and decreasing joint pains in the shoulders, neck & back.

best posture corrector


AlignBack Brace

Designed with memory spinal support across the spine, the AlignPosture Brace is one of the most comfortable posture correctors available in the world. An ergonomic design, this brace contains orthopaedic plastic to ensure it fits across the body comfortably, providing balance and stability around

the neck and shoulders. The added shoulder protection net means that weight and pressure are spread evenly across the shoulders. The lower back correction stops the lower back from taking on too much weight. Overall this brace is designed for ultimate comfort and can have both amazing short and long-term results.

Chest Circumference Size chart:
Small: 71cm-81cm
Medium: 81cm-91cm
Large: 91cm-111cm
best posture corrector
If your looking to improve your posture and fix slouching then a posture brace is a good choice in helping you on this mission. AlignMat stocks the best posture correctors within Australia, offering high quality with low prices & free shipping across the country. Remember if you want to reach perfect stance faster it's best to pair a posture brace with regular back exercise & a healthy diet.

How does bad posture happen?

Bad posture is due to the tightening and shortening of muscles in the back, this causes them to become weaker, often due to a persons day to day activities. If untreated, these weakened back muscles will lead to injuries, pain and other health-related issues.

There are multiple variants that affect stance negatively, these include physical activities in which multiple forces repeatedly expand and contract. Poor posture is also linked to psychological issues, these include headaches, neck pain and depression. Individuals with high-stress occupations are more likely to develop shoulder and neck issues.

Do posture correctors work?

A common question is, do posture devices help with slouching? Regular use of a posture fixer not only helps to correct poor posture but also decreases multiple physical issues as well. If your someone who is suffering from neck, shoulder or upper, lower back issues, you should look to purchase one of our best Australian posture correctors.

Doctors and other medical professions recommend the use of a back brace to help combat issues related to poor slouching. If you find yourself slouching a lot due to work and other environmental factors then a posture brace should be considered. Bad slouching can have negative effects on your work life, social life, sleeping patterns, emotional state & physical functions.

Multiple studies have proven a link between strong posture and good mental health. When we experience bad thoughts and emotions we physical manifest them by hunching, slouching and concaving the chest! Feelings of happiness and confidence have the opposite effect, with the body opening up, shoulder back and chin raised. This stance is known as the superman pose and has strong psychological links to self-confidence and good stance.

Physical benefits are also experienced when you improve your slouching. Some of these include:

  • Improving spine strength to decrease the chance of injury in older age
  • Decrease the chance of arthritis and other bone diseases
  • Increase level of joint motion and flexibility
  • Improve lung capacity and develop natural breathing patterns

Another benefit of the back, shoulder braces, even when you are not wearing them, make you conscious of your posture throughout the day. A posture brace can definitely help you improve stance but it's all about what you do when you don't have it on that determine how long term the effects are. Try some of these extra exercises to help with your posture.

Can you wear your posture brace all day?

Our best posture correctors are specially designed to help improve slouching while keeping your lower back, shoulder and neck supported. Small and lightweight, these braces can be worn at the office, home, gym or social gathering. Our posture braces are made for comfort, with extra padding under the shoulder straps you could wear them all day! However, we recommend not wearing a posture holder all day. The ideal time frame for wearing a posture fixer is 20 - 30 minutes a day. After a few weeks, you can increase the time worn for 45 - 60 minutes per day. You may feel some discomfort or slight pain at first, your body will get past this as the spine realigns. Any past history of injuries in the neck, shoulder or lower back please speak with your doctor first.

Best Products for Spine Alignment 

Back Stretcher: The spine back stretcher is the perfect self-care tool to help you extend and stretch your ligaments & back muscles. Regular use of the back stretcher helps to increase flexibility and range of motion, helping to realign the spine and improving posture. The perfect tool for those who want to help improve their spine alignment but don't have the time! Place the back stretcher on your office chair when at work, on your car seat when on a drive or just at home when watching Netflix. Simply relative yourself to back pain and naturally improve your posture with our AlignBack Stretcher.

Acupressure Mat: The body consists of tiny pressure points called meridian, there are thousands of them found everywhere across the body! An acupressure mat applies pressure and stimulation to these meridian points, helping them to be triggered and activated. When meridians are stimulated energy flow occurs through the body. Acupressure mats contain hundreds of sharp, plastic, lotus-shaped needles. When you lay on an acupressure mat you might feel a little discomfort at first, this will pass and within 10 minutes you will feel relaxed and recharged. Using an acupressure mat also helps to realign the spine, promoting blood flow in the back muscles and helping to improve posture. Regular use of an acupressure mat can help to improve both physical and mental issues.

AlignMat stocks all posture holders locally, in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, BrisbaneAdelaide & all surrounding towns. 

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