Incense Waterfall
Incense Waterfall
incense waterfall
Incense Waterfall

Incense Waterfall

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Calm your mind and soul with this uniquely designed Incense waterfall! 

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Crafted from smooth ceramic this statement piece will fill your room up with pleasantly smelling incense as well as stimulate all eyes that lay on it. 

Once the Incense Waterfall cone is lit and placed on the top of the burner you will be amazed as the smoke gently pores downward, winding through the pathways giving a waterfall-like effect. 

Size: 10.5cm X 20cm

Bonus: 50 Incense cones included in all orders 

incense waterfall 

The benefits of Incense

  • Reduce Pain: Incense often helps to take the minds to focus away from any physical pain we may be experiencing, allowing our sense of smell to be greatly enhanced. 
  • Improve the quality of sleep: Incense helps us to quiet the mind from thoughts, leading to easier, deeper sleep.
  • Reduction in feelings of stress & anxiety: Thoughts of the future and or past often makes life difficult for those with anxiety, incense can help to bring focus to the present via the power of the senses. 
  • Improve feelings of calmness: Incense uses many different aromas to help induce calmness and groundedness in individuals lives. 
  • Improves & strengthens the immune system: Incense helps the body flush out deadly toxins from the pores, thus allowing us to live more healthy lives. 

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