Backflow Incense Burner

What Are Incense Waterfalls?

An incense waterfall is essentially an incense burner that uses an incense cone. The name stems from the fact the smoke is pushed down and flows in a waterfall-like pattern, instead of traditional burners were the smoke rises up.

A backflow incense burner is similar to traditional incense as they both produce smoke which has a pleasant aroma and calming effect.

If you looking for something that is visually amazing while providing a great centrepiece or ornament then the incense waterfall is the right choice.

backflow incense burner

We stock many different designs including, mountains, dragons, waterfalls, ponds, lakes & cones 

How To Use a Backflow Incense?

First, you want to ensure you have all the right equipment.

  1. Lighter or match
  2. Incense cones
  3. Backflow incense burner

Lite the cone at the very top, then place the cone over the small hole atop of the waterfall incense. Smoke will mimic the flow of water creating a visually stimulating experience.

Ensure to place the backflow burner in a spot that has little airflow, this will distribute the smoke water effect.

Are They Safe?

Poor quality cones often contain harmful chemicals, we recommend staying away from these and only using high-quality backflow cones, these can come in a variety of smells and colours.

Keep It Clean

Incense waterfalls will build up with smoke stains, simply gently place it in warm soapy water and wipe. Backflow burners are fragile so ensure to be gentle!

Can't Get it to Work?

If you cant get your Incense falls to work then you want to check the bottom of the cone, make sure it has a hole. What if there is no hole? That means you have a regular cone and not a backflow incense cone, this hole is critical for the smoke to flow downward.

Can I Use Regular Cones?

As touched on above the hole is a must for the Incense waterfall to work. You can drill a small hole in the regular cone, a 1/8 drill bit will be sufficient.

We don't recommend this however and believe purchasing backflow incense cones are a better option.