Will Posture Correctors Set Off Metal Detectors?

There are many kinds of back braces on the market today. They range from simple and straightforward to modern and high-tech. One is not necessarily better than the other, and it all depends on what your needs and preferences are. However, a few questions do come to mind when considering more advanced options, such as:

  • Weight: Will it be heavier than simpler ones?
  • Ease of use: Is it harder to take off and put on?
  • Accessibility: Will its special features set off metal detectors?
  • Price: Are they more expensive?

To answer these, we discuss our top 4 recommended posture correctors below - two of which are straightforward, while the other two are more modern.

Will Posture Correctors Set Off Metal Detectors?

AlignBack Straightener (Straightforward)

Starting off with our most compact pick, the AlignBack Straightener is known for its small and sleek design.

Weight: It is very lightweight and perfect for those on the go.

Easy of use: It is made of elastic material that you can stretch to fit into, without any adjustable buckles. If you are only experiencing minimal back pain, it should be easy to put on. But if your mobility is limited, this could pose as a challenge.

Accessibility: It is made of flexible fabric and a padded support in the middle. The materials used will not set off metal detectors or other magnetic material.

Price: This is our most affordable pick at $29.99

AlignPosture Brace (Straightforward)

Our second straightforward pick is an adjustable and one-size fits all option!

Weight: Very lightweight and perfect for active users.

Easy of use: Its material is highly elastic and comes with adjustable buckles, making it a breeze to use!

Accessibility: It is made of neoprene fabric, Velcro straps, and heavy-duty plastic for the buckles. These will not set off metal detectors or other magnetic material.

Price: It is only $39.99

AlignBack Brace (Modern)

One of our favorite contemporary options is the AlignBack Brace, which is specifically designed for extra comfort and support.

Weight: Very breathable and lightweight at roughly only 154g – extra spinal support included! However, since it is built for more support, it is a bit bigger in length than the first two options.

Easy of use: It comes with spacious armholes and highly adjustable straps that also hug your lower back, providing twice the support.

Accessibility: It is made of breathable padding and durable, orthopaedic plastic, which will not set off metal detectors or other magnetic material.

Price: Offered at $44.99

AlignShoulder Brace (Modern)

Last but not the least, our top pick for back support.

Weight: While still considered light, this option takes up the most space and adds a little more mass.

Easy of use: Most adjustable and easy to use option yet with brackets located both for the arms and lower back straps.

Accessibility: While its multiple tourmaline magnets have a wide range of benefits, they will more often than not set off metal detectors.

Price: For extra support and added benefits, it is offered at only $49.99