Why You Shouldnt Buy Cheap Acupressure Mats

It's not uncommon to see a large variety of acupressure mats for $20 or less on eBay, Amazon and other large retail stores such as Target and Kmart. Despite many of these products have plenty of 5-star reviews, look a little closer and you will notice that most of these, if not all are totally fake. Poor spelling and little to no info about their experience is a big giveaway that these cheap acupressure mats are not as popular and beneficially as other specialised brands.

Often these cheaper brands are mad in Communist Chinese factories, which based on a number of reports are well below human rights standards, refer here for more information. Consequently, these cheap acupressure mats come with blunt pressure points, damage easily, lose their shape, give you bad posture & are made of harmful plastics. Overall these acupressure mats are of poor quality and you will often not see the benefits that proven acupressure mat brands provide.

Disadvantages of cheap acupressure brands.


Lose Shape Quickly.

Cheap acupressure mats are normally priced $20 or less, they contain fewer materials in both the mat and pillows which means they lose their shape extremely quickly. You will often find yourself pressing harder down on your mat, rearranging your position trying to get the pressure points to activate the sore points. AlignMat uses much thicker bamboo memory foam in both the mat and pillow, meaning they dont lose shape, ever!


Blunt pressure points.

Its often with these $20 or less mat's is that they come with far fewer pressure points, sometimes even damaged and hanging off. These pressure points are a lot less sharp than what you would find on an AlignMat, meaning you dont get the same level of meridian triggers. This leads to far fewer results in your wellness and mental health journey. An AlignMat & pillow has a combined 500 sharp lotus-shaped pressure points making it far more superior than other cheaper brands that you will find in the market.


Unregulated Outsourced Labour  

Unfortunately, a lot of these cheap acupressure mats are made in Chinese communist party factories where safety and human rights standards are not meet. Now we are not saying all are from these type of factories but the cheaper the price is the more likely it's made in a work environment that isn't fit for any human. AlignMat outsources its manufacturing to Indonesia where fair work hours and pay are legally obliged. We also ensure that NO children are involved in the manufacturing of our products! Overall means the AlignMat is more expensive than other brands, but we think the cost is more than worth it. Unfortunately, other large commercial brands do not hold similar values with their manufacturing, cutting cost on basic human rights to increase their bottom line.

Closing Thoughts

In the time of covid, it can seem like a wise idea to purchase a cheap acupressure mat but if you want to see the true advantages of an acupressure mat & have them for the long term we suggest going with a better quality brand. Remember that you often get what you pay for and the cost of an extra $20 can give you amazing benefits for a lifetime.