When Should You Wear A Posture Corrector?

Posture correctors now come in various sizes and styles to suit not only your body’s needs but also your lifestyle and personal preferences. In order to make the right purchase and take a step closer to a healthier torso, you must first figure out when and where you should wear a posture corrector.

When should you wear a posture corrector?

When prescribed by a physician. One obvious instance is when you go in for a medical check up and come out with a prescription to put on a back brace. Often times, physicians, chiropractors, or physical therapists would recommend their patients invest in a posture corrector to help relieve any ailments, speed up recovery of certain injuries, and promote an overall good posture – which in itself has a handful of health benefits.

When you notice your posture is bad or declining. We do not usually notice that we have bad posture right away; sometimes it takes someone else to point it out to us before we become aware. Listening to your body and doing a quick self-assessment from time to time can greatly help detect symptoms of poor posture. Take a few minutes every other week to see if you have either one or a combination of the following indicators:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Potbelly
  • Arched knees whenever you are standing or walking
  • Misaligned head, either too backwards or drooping forwards
  • Constant back pain
  • Constant shoulder pain
  • Regular neck pain
  • Fatigue and muscle pain
  • Regular headaches and / or migraines
  • Lack of motivation and self confidence
  • Regular irritability

When you suffer from constant back, shoulder, and / or neck pain. Though these have been listed above, it is important to highlight them as the most common effects of bad posture and they should not be ignored. With aches running along the vertebral column due to a declining bearing, you can expect a domino effect of ailments to occur if left untreated. These can lead to weakened muscles, spinal dysfunction and curvature, joint degeneration, low circulation, digestive problems, respiratory problems, among other concerns.

When you sit or stand in front of a laptop, mobile tablet, or mobile phone. Another instance for when it is best to wear a posture corrector is when you are always required to sit or stand in front of a laptop, mobile tablet, or mobile phone - possibly for work, online classes, or other responsibilities. These situations make us more susceptible to developing bad posture because of the way the environment is usually set up. Apart from a back brace, it would be beneficial to invest in a good chair and a table that is of the right height – fostering a balanced ratio.

Where should you wear a posture corrector?

To special occasions or to a night out. Wearing a back brace to parties, special gatherings, or your regular night out not only relieves you of any back, shoulder, or neck pain, but it can greatly help you improve your look and feel confident the whole time. Many travel sized posture correctors come in thin, breathable fabric that are relatively seamless and easy to hide under clothing - all you need to consider is if the style of your outfit completely covers the straps.

To the office or school. As mentioned, we are oftentimes required to be in front of a laptop, mobile phone, mobile tablet, or even a book when at work and school. Since these activities usually lead us to slump our shoulders and keep our heads on a downward angle, it is suitable to wear a posture corrector when at work or school – yes, even if you are currently doing your responsibilities from home.

To the gym. The gym is another great place to wear your posture corrector to! Back braces help strengthen muscles and they are comfortable enough to perform various exercises with - there are even specific workout routines to improve your posture and alleviate its symptoms. Apart from yoga and weight training, you may also enjoy these posture correcting exercises:

  • Reverse plank bridge
  • Planking
  • Child’s pose
  • Hip flexor stretch
  • Mountain pose
  • Back extensions
  • Side – lying leg raises
  • Neck rotations
  • Chest stretches

At home. You can work on your posture from the comforts of home. Whether you are doing routinary house chores, lounging by the sofa, or performing home exercises, a posture corrector is a great tool to keep on you.

4 types of posture correctors we recommend

  • AlignShoulder Brace – This model is so far the most developed back brace in all of Australia. It is equipped with 11 tourmaline magnets situated along the spine to stimulate blood flow and relieve any stiff areas. It comfortably wraps around your lower back to provide ample support and straps around your shoulders to gently pull them back in place.
  • AlignBack Brace – This back brace features a memory spinal support that is made of orthopedic plastic and designed to gradually apply pressure on your vertebral column. Its straps align your shoulders backwards and also wrap around the middle of your torso to aid in supporting your back.
  • AlignPosture Brace– This is one of the most commonly used posture correctors in Australia. Not only is it highly effective, but it is also portable, lightweight, and adjustable to fit both men and women of various sizes – talk about convenience! If you are looking for a more discreet option to take with you outside, this is a great choice since its breathable, flexible material is thin enough to be hidden under clothes.
  • AlignBack Straightener– The AlignBack Straightener is another highly compact option designed with style, portability, and efficiency in mind. It comes in three different sizes, all constructed with breathable fabric that keeps your shoulders upright and healthily aligned. It is perfectly discreet under various types of clothing and can easily fit on your carry on when you travel.


Are you suffering from chronic pain in the neck, back and shoulder region? This is a common issue, with over 50% of Australians dealing with issues related to these areas. Often poor posture is a common reason why so many suffer from this chronic pain! Posture correctors help to combat these problems providing a safe and easy way to fix posture. AlignMat has quickly become the best posture corrector provider in Australia since its first opening in 2018. Delivering high-quality posture braces, with the largest range available in the country.

AlignPosture Braces are designed to fit all ages & sizes, helping both men and women regain strong, confident posture. Comfortable and durable, our posture braces can be worn at the gym when working out, driving in the car, studying at university or relaxing at home on the couch! Allowing you to comfortably realign your spine and improve posture naturally.

Posture braces have both physical and mental positive benefits. As soon as you place on your brace you will notice your shoulders pull back gently, chin raises and chest pushes outward. This pose immediately demonstrates confidence & self-assurance, providing a positive sub concise shift in your mind. Physically this same pose naturally re aligns the spine, causing better blood flow throughout the back muscles! It is this new blood stimulation that allows sore muscles to heal and repair at a more rapid rate.