When Should You NOT Wear A Posture Corrector?

A posture corrector is a helpful tool in alleviating back pain, shoulder pain, neck strain, muscle spasms, and more. They also promote a healthier torso, vertebral column, and an overall well being. However, there are a few instances wherein it is best to take the brace off and let your backbone work on its own.

When not to wear a posture corrector?

When your physician advises against it. Needless to say, if your physician, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other medical doctor advises against it, the posture corrector may do more harm than good in your current situation. For as long as they suggest that you are not the ideal candidate, we recommend sticking to stretching and posture correcting exercises instead. You may find some tips on this below.

When you are in the shower, beach, pool, or other bodies of water. Unless medically necessary, we do not recommend getting your back brace wet, all the more submerged underwater. If kept on the whole time and not dried properly, this can cause skin irritation, rashes, and the like.

When you are going to sleep. Though many often say you can sleep with one on, it is generally not advisable to wear your posture corrector overnight. Unless it is for medical reasons such as scoliosis or injuries, this tool was not designed to be worn for long hours and may cause you a lot of pain in the morning if you fall asleep with it on.

However, if you are adamant about sleeping with your posture corrector on, be sure you get one with a perfect fit so it will not apply pressure to the wrong areas as you sleep. Also be sure to get the right mattress and pillows to supplement a healthy sleeping position.

Do not wear it all day. Everyone’s situation is different; you may need less time with a corrector on compared to the next guy. However, it is recommended to stick to about 30 minutes per day if you are still starting out, and a maximum of two hours a day if you are already more comfortable in it.

The reason behind this is that you do not want your body to become dependent on the brace. By keeping it on all day, the corrector ends up carrying the bulk of your weight instead of your muscles, causing muscles to weaken and eventually atrophy. Wear it regularly and in intervals, just enough for you to develop healthy habits of your own.

Posture correcting exercises to supplement your routine:

To help improve your posture at a faster pace and alleviate discomfort, try doing the following posture correcting exercises – with or without the brace on.

  • Reverse plank bridge
  • Planking
  • Child’s pose
  • Hip flexor stretch
  • Mountain pose
  • Back extensions
  • Side – lying leg raises
  • Neck rotations
  • Chest stretches
  • Yoga

If you have not tried any of them yet, you can find detailed instructions to the first five exercises through this Posture Correction Exercises article. The last five are fairly easy to find and YouTube instructional videos can greatly help!

Tips to practice when standing or sitting

In the times wherein you are not wearing your back brace or performing the recommended maneuvers, it is best to still practice being mindful of your posture by following these tips:

  • When sitting down, keep your chin parallel to floor.
  • Be sure to stand up and stretch once every 1 to 2 hours.
  • When standing up, keep your shoulders down and backwards. Do so comfortably, not to the point that you feel you are flexing your spine or hips.
  • When standing up, keep your feet a shoulder width apart.
  • When sitting down and standing up, keep your knees and feet pointing straight.

It may sound like too much to remember for now but if you make it a habit to check this list once or twice every day, you will soon find it natural to follow through and enjoy the benefits of a healthy posture.

4 posture correctors we recommend:

  • AlignShoulder Brace – The AlignShoulder Brace is by far Australia’s most advanced posture corrector. It is embedded with a total of 11 tourmaline magnets that are dotted down the vertebral column – starting from the middle of your torso down to your lower back. These are in place to stimulate blood flow along your backbone, which in turn helps relieve you of any pressure, pain, and stiffness around the area.

Its straps gently pull your shoulders back to help align them to each other, and to the rest of your torso. Holding this upright position for at least 30 minutes a day will greatly benefit your overall physical and mental health.

  • AlignBack Brace – The AlignBack Brace is constructed with a memory spinal support that is made of orthopedic plastic. This extra padding is designed to apply gentle pressure on your spine while supporting your upper torso and relieving your lower back from taking on too much weight. Its ergonomic features make it one of the most comfortable posture correctors worldwide.

Its straps ensure that weight and pressure is evenly allocated across your shoulders and neck area, leaving you with better posture and a healthier system.

3) AlignPosture Brace– The AlignPosture Brace is perhaps the most convenient of the group. Its adjustable design makes it a one size fits all alternative – perfect for both men and women of various build. It is also more compact than the first two back braces, making it highly discreet under your clothes and easy to take with you when travelling.

4) AlignBack Straightener– The AlignBack Straightener was designed for those always on the go. It is sleek, stylish, compact, portable, and yet still highly effective in treating stiffness and aches. It is the perfect travel-sized tool to maintain proper posture on your journey. After all, health should not take the backseat even when you are on vacation.


If you're someone who suffers from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain then you should consider bringing a posture corrector into your life! Often as we age our bones and muscles around joints begin to break down. Also in today's age of technology, we are slouching over more than ever, this is also having a negative effect on Aussie's posture. This is where AlignMat comes in! stocking the best posture correctors in Australia, helping people across the nation achieve perfect posture and eradicating chronic pain issues. Since 2018, AlignMat has delivered posture braces to every major city in the country, from Perth on the west coast, to Sydney and Melbourne on the east. AlignMat Posture Corrects is designed to fit both men and women of all sizes & ages, helping to combat chronic issues, poor posture and low self-esteem.

As soon as you place on a posture corrector you will notice your shoulders gently pull back, chest pushes out and your chin raises. This is known as the "superman pose" and is associated with confidence, authority and power within psychological studies. It is no wonder that as soon as you place on a posture corrector you feel more confident and self-assured! Long term a posture corrector has a number of physical benefits, these include:

  • Spine realignment
  • increase blood flow in the back muscles
  • decreased neck, back & shoulder pain
  • Quicker muscle repair

Durable and comfortable, posture braces can be worn anywhere at any time, at the gym working out, studying at university, driving in the car, working in the office or relaxing at home on the couch. Allowing you to improve your posture naturally and effectively.