What Is a Backflow Incense Cone?

Incense has been used for a long time all across the world, originally crafted from dried wood, resin and grounded powder. This is all ground and mixed into the stick shape size. Today, there are different types of incense include incense cones available for backflow burners.

As you all know, here at AlignMat we have a large collection of incense waterfalls available for Australians. The downward smoke acts just like a waterfall leaving you in a relaxing trance-like state, below we will go through incense cones, what they are, how they work and how to use them!

What Is a Backflow Incense Cone



Incense cones are simply cone-shaped incense! unlike traditional incense, this one flows downward instead of upward. This is due to the cone having a small hole that leads via a thin tunnel to the centre.

Backflow incense smoke is much denser and thicker than traditional incense smoke. As smoke enters the hollow centre tunnel it cools down rapidly. When smoke becomes cool it gets denser, meaning it flows downward. Normal incense smoke is warmer and moves upwards.



Despite the cone shape, lighting an incense cone is just like lighting an incense stick. Check out the steps below.

Detailed steps:

  1. Hold your incense cone still with either your less dominate hand or a pair of tongs.
  1. Take your lighter or match and gently place it at the top of the cone, just like a candle. Make sure the top of the cone is immersed in the fire until it becomes alight.
  1. Gently blow out any flames that are left on the cone, you will notice an orange glow.
  1. After the flame is blow out check the top of the incense. It should be glowing with an amber colour or slight orange, if you see this then the cone was lit correctly. If your unsure, wait a minute and recheck. If there is no orange glow and the incense waterfall isn't producing smoke you will need to redo step 3.
  1. Important point is to ensure the incense cone is placed correctly in the backflow burner. make sure the small hole on the bottom is aligned with the hole on the incense waterfall. If the holes are not connected the smoke won't be able to flow through.



Once your incense cone is lit is can be tricky to put it out and use it again for a later time. Traditional incense sticks are much better in this regard.

We recommend letting the incense cone burn out, this normally takes 30 - 40 mins.

The best way to put out the cone is to remove it from the base of the backflow burner and place it in a small cup of water. Once this is done it will be impossible to use the cone again.



Firer is a powerful element and something that should be treated very seriously. When using a waterfall incense there a few things you should always remember.

  • Always make sure the backflow incense burner is always placed on a heat resistant surface.
  • Ensure there are no objects such as paper, books or blinds that are flammable.
  • Never leave your backflow incense burner unattended.
  • Never leave your incense waterfall around children and/or pets.
  • After burning don't touch the remains, also don't touch the surface of the incense waterfall as well. Both of these will be warm to touch and need a few minutes to cool down.