What are the health benefits of a back brace?

If you are looking to purchase a posture corrector then it's best to know what the benefits are! Below are some of the key reasons you should wear a back brace. From physical to physiological, a shoulder brace has a number of benefits in which we will explore.


Decrease Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain

80% of people in Australia will experience back, neck or shoulder pain in their life and with society sitting in chairs more and more our posture is getting worse. The more slouching and hunching the more issues occur in the back, neck and shoulders. Sitting down at an office desk leads to weaker muscles and as you age this causes lower and upper back issues. Wearing a posture corrector helps to pull back your shoulders, taking pressure off your back and giving you better posture.


Breath Circulation Improvement

Breathing patterns are essential to life! When we breathe in more oxygen our lungs transfer oxygen-rich blood to the tissue and muscles of the body. It's also important for the brain as O2 helps build neuro pathways needed for learning. The deeper the breath the more benefits you get and that's why it's important to have good posture. With your chest out and extended you can get full lung capacity when you breathe, this is the opposite for hunched bodies that don't allow strong breathing patterns.


Boost Overall Self-Esteem

Within self-help, there is a commonly known body language pose called the superhero. This requires you to place your hands on your hips, chest puffed out and your head held high! It's the common superhero pose and it has scientific data to back up claims it helps boost confidence. Multiple tests have discovered that this pose has physiological effects which decrease anxiety & fear, promoting high self-esteem.


Decrease Stress Levels

High cortisol levels are associated with stress and anxiety, so it's crucial to have low levels to ensure a high quality of life. Those with good posture often find relaxing states much easier to achieve, think of Buddhist monks and how they practice good posture while they meditate. This straight posture is associated with serenity and calmness in the mind, helping you to achieve mindfulness and less stress in your life. Since a posture brace keeps your spine aligned it's a great tool to help you achieve less stress each day.


Age With Grace

Nothing screams old like a hunched back and wearing a posture corrector can help to compare these exact issues. Many people will begin to form rounded shoulders and hunched back as they hit elderly age, a posture brace helps to stop the issues from ever forming if adopted at an early enough age.


Feel more energized

We all have days where it's just hard to get going, we feel lazy, lethargic and like we want to go back to bed. This feeling can seriously disrupt your day and put a hult on important things you need to get done! Many people become dependent on Redbull and coffee in order to make it through the day, this can have negative effects on sleep patterns. Having an aligned spine helps to boost energy and keep you spry throughout your day today. Wearing a posture corrector can help to combat that lazy feeling and naturally make you feel more energized & ready to tackle the day.


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