Using a Incense Waterfall Around Pets?

Are Backflow Cone Incense Safe for Cats?

Incense is super relaxing for us humans but for cats, it's not as safe. Cats like a lot of animals are hypersensitive to smoke and burning incense in your home could cause your feline some distress. A backflow incense burner doesn't produce as much smoke as traditional incense, however, if you do decide to use one we suggest leaving the cat outside.

If your pet cat has a respiratory issue (known or unknown) the use of Incense can trigger issues such as asthma! If you notice your cat is acting strange or starts coughing then put out the Incense waterfall.

If you really want to use a backflow incense burner then ensure to take the following steps to guarantee the safety of your cat.

  • Use your incense waterfall in a separate room that your cat doesn't have entry to.
  • Ensure windows are open in all other rooms
  • Have airflow in all other rooms besides the one with the backflow burner
  • Always keep the Incense out of reach of the cat

Are Incense Waterfalls Bad for Dogs?

Using a Incense Waterfall Around Pets?

Just like your pet cat, your pet dog has a super sensitive nose, making scents and smoke from incense cones overwhelming for your pooch. Just like cats, a dog with underlying respiratory issues will really struggle with the smoke waterfall. Certain breeds of dogs are particularly affected, these include bulldogs, small dogs, Shih tzus and pugs!

If you do use a backflow incense burner around your dog pay attention to see if they act unusual or if they having heaving breathing, runny eyes and or nose. If you notice these symptoms put out the incense straight away!

Going to the local vet and getting a checkup for respiratory issues is a great idea, get their opinion based on your dog's health. If you do want to burn incense then follow the above steps that we outlined with pet cats.

What About Scented Candles?

Unlike incense cones, scented candles aren't as heavy and thick smoke, this leads to fewer issues. However, some dogs and cats will still be sensitive to the scented of smoke created from the scented candle. As we have mentioned above, your pet can have underlying respiratory issues which may flare up if a scented candle is used in your home.

If you know your pet has asthma then you must pay special attention to their behaviour when a scented candle is lit. If you notice your pet is coughing, sneezing, eyes watering, excess scratching or acting unusual in any way it's probably time to put out the scented candle.

If you need to have a scented candle lit then follow the rules outlined with incense waterfalls, keep it in a room where your pet doesn't have access & ensure the other rooms are ventilated with open windows and airflow. Remember that scented candles can be a fire hazard, so make sure that any open flame is always out of reach of your pets, fire is a serious element that has scary potential.