Traveling With The AlignMat Acupressure Mat

Any seasoned traveller can tell you the toll it can have on your body to carry all those bags, rush from point A to point B, and sit for long periods of time. It is beneficial and highly recommended to carry along your AlignMat Mat in order to relieve your muscles and joints of the tension and discomfort on the go, as well as keep track of your regular acupressure routine even while away.

Types of pain you may experience while traveling

There are multiple types of pain you may encounter when traveling, and it differs from person to person depending on what your mode of transportation is, hours traveling for, personal medical history and health status, and other factors. These are just a few of the most common ones:

Aches are persistent and frustrating, they are usually triggered when a muscle has been overworked or had too much pressure applied.

Asleep or tingling muscles are signs of increased pressure that has restricted blood flow. This usually happens when you stay in a position that puts on too much weight on a specific area.

Cramps are fairly common and they happen when muscles abruptly contract. Many factors can trigger this type of pain such as overuse of a muscle, dehydration, or just like asleep muscles, they can happen if you hold a position for too long and blood flow has been restricted for a while.

Spasms are basically a more intense version of cramps and can leave you unable to stand or walk until it subsides.

How to prevent or alleviate pain while traveling

Position yourself comfortably on your seat. As much as possible, give your legs and feet enough breathing room so you can stretch it out. A pillow and blanket would also be great to stay relaxed.

Pack light if you are bringing a carry on luggage. Only keep your essentials inside your carry on to prevent your muscles from being overworked, the rest can be kept in the check in bag.

Stretch when you can. If you are on a road trip, take breaks at convenience stores and walk around a little. If you are traveling by plane or boat, walk around when it is safe to do so, or at the very least, stand up and move your body to help warm up and loosen your muscles.

Exercise can be done even on your seat by tightening and relaxing your muscles, you can also wiggle your toes and shake your wrists. Once you reach your destination, light exercise can also help increase blood flow and alleviate discomfort.

Apply heat to the areas that are aching once you get to your destination and get ample rest to alleviate any spasms and discomfort.

Lying on an acupressure mat can greatly help relieve muscle tension and pain, all the while rebalancing the entire body. By activating meridian points and unblocking inner channels, internal energy can flow easily and make you feel more at peace and relaxed. It is recommended to use the AlignMat Acupressure Mat at least 10 minutes daily.

Carrying the AlignMat Acupressure Mat when traveling

The AlignMat is a light, fuss-free acupressure mat that is easy to roll up and keep in your luggage. The cushion inside is made of eco-friendly, natural coconut fibre. It does not take up too much space nor will it make much of a difference on your check in or carry on weight allowance.

The portable, lightweight acupressure mat is a great essential to bring with you on your trips, be it short or long haul.