Top 3 Tools That Help Improve Posture

A decline in posture health is a very common concern nowadays. People often experience joint pain, backaches, neck or shoulder strains, and other disadvantages as a result of poor bearing.

Before exploring a few tools that can help counter its effects, let’s discuss the main reasons why one’s posture deteriorates in the first place.

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What causes poor posture?

There can be many factors that add up to unhealthy bearing, including these 5 major reasons:

#1 Unhealthy habits

This may be the most common cause of bad posture. A lot of us practice unhealthy sitting, standing, and lifting habits in our day-to-day activities.

Those who work long hours in front of a desk would know that after a while, it may get tiring to hold an upright position. That’s why a lot of professionals working in an office tend to slouch, and they carry this along when they stand and walk around as well.

Lifting habits also need to be well monitored since a bulk of people lift with their backs instead of their legs, which results in injury and poor posture.

#2 Accidents and injuries

Speaking of injuries, accidents are another major cause for back problems. Sometimes, even if we seem fine upfront and on the surface, accidents can cause internal damage to the spine and muscles, which eventually lead to a humped back.

#3 Bad sleeping position

The way you position your pillows, how you incline your head, if you sleep on your tummy– these are all factors that can add pressure to your spine and joints. The recommended sleeping position is on your side, with your knees tilted slightly and a pillow in between them to ensure your spine is in a healthy setting.

#4 Improper shoes

Did you know that even your shoes could affect your posture? Undersized and/ or high-heeled shoes put pressure on your back since the tension from your sole travels up your spine. It also does not spread your weight evenly and will eventually result in poor bearing if worn frequently.

#5 Tech neck

This is what we coin unhealthy posture caused by excessive device usage. When you are on your phone, tablet, or laptop, oftentimes you are not positioning your neck at eye level. You are either tilting up or looking down – either way, you put a strain on your neck and add pressure to your joints, thus resulting in a slouched posture.

Top 3 Tools You Can Try

It is important to note that these tools must be paired with healthier habits and other preventative measures in order to be effective. Using the list above as reference, slowly minimize the different things you may be doing to cause bad posture.

There are now multiple types of tools that can help us enhance our posture and at the same time smoothen out our daily routine.

Below, we discuss our top 3 favorites and how they can help.

#1 Lumbar Pillow

A lumbar pillow is a versatile tool you can use on your office chair, in your car, and just about anywhere you plan to be seated for long periods. They support the natural curve of your spine and provide added comfort to your lower back. They also foster an upright position.

#2 Ergonomic Laptop and Phone Stand

Investing in an ergonomic stand for your laptop, tablet, and mobile phones can do wonders to prevent tech neck. These are durable tools that can lift your device up to eye level and are perfect for those who need to look at their screens often.

#3 Posture Corrector

Posture correctors come in many forms and offer multiple benefits. Their main goal is to guide you in carrying the right stance, and remind you whenever you start to slouch by slightly tugging on your shoulders. They also often come with added support for your upper and/ or lower back, giving you an easier time transitioning to a healthier bearing.

 4 Posture Correctors We Recommend: