Top 3 Best Posture Correctors For Men

More often than not, men are assigned to do the bulk of the heavy lifting and crouching under spaces to fix anything that may have been damaged or needs a little tweaking – be it at their home life or at the office. Those that are part of the working force are also regularly exposed to either fieldwork or having to sit by the desk all day, staring at the computer screen or mobile phone.

This, and a number of other factors, contributes to the rising concern of poor posture among men, and the negative effects it has on our health. What exactly are these negative effects and what are the best posture correctors to help remedy them?

Negative effects of bad posture

Curved spine. Untreated bad posture can cause the spine to curve unnaturally. This misalignment puts too much pressure in the wrong position and causes our vertebral column to start deteriorating, making it more susceptible to injuries.

Weak and sore muscles. When pressure is added on an unnatural position, the tension created from it can cause the muscles and joints to weaken over time. This is one reason why soreness often comes with suffering from poor posture.

Back, shoulder, and neck pain. Due to constant slouching, it is expected to experience pain all over your back that extends up to your shoulders and neck. This is because slouching places pressure on your shoulder blades, which flattens and weakens your back muscles. Hunched up shoulders or positioning your head downwards also causes tightness around your neck area, which leads to soreness and headaches.

Headaches and migraines. The unbalanced pressure on our systems tightens our muscles and forms tension on our temples, leading to constant headaches or migraines. These can greatly disrupt daily activities, sleep, vision, and basic cognitive skills.

Poor sleeping habits.  As mentioned, poor posture creates tension on our muscles, leading our system to contract and prevent our body from being able to rest well. Lack of rest can affect your mood, productivity, cognitive development, and more.

Low blood circulation. Sitting with bad posture all day puts you at risk of developing low circulation because your blood cannot easily flow through your system when placed in an unnatural position.

Digestion problems. Your abdominal area is constricted every time you slouch, causing your digestive tract to narrow down and slow your digestion. This affects metabolism and may eventually cause stomach problems.

Respiratory problems. Poor posture also affects how the lungs function. Slumping down causes our lung capacity to be compressed, causing shortness of breath. If the oxygen is too constricted, this can also affect our cognitive function.

Lack of focus and motivation. Bad posture can take its toll on your mental health as well. Soreness and slouching causes a negative disposition, which can impact your work, relationships, and personal life.

According to Healthy Psychology, poor posture contributes to lack of confidence and low-self esteem - all of which may hinder you from forming healthy relationships, strengthening your career, and being contented with your life.

 Top 3 posture correctors for men

1) AlignShoulder Brace

The AlignShoulder Brace is highly recommended for men as it provides efficient support and full coverage to the shoulders all the way down to the lower back. This level of reinforcement has amazing benefits for those who do a lot of heavy lifting or bending down. It is made of highly elastic straps that you can adjust to comfortably wrap around your arms and gently pull your shoulder to an upright position. The lower end of the straps wrap around your waist to balance the pressure across your spinal column. It is built with 11 tourmaline magnets spaced out across the lumbar region to stimulate healthy blood flow and relieve any back, shoulder, or neck pain much faster.

2) AlignBack Brace

The AlignBack Brace is similar in the sense that it also provides ample support and coverage down the back. It features high quality orthopedic plastic that sits along your spine and stretches to the middle of your torso, gently holding your posture in place while pulling your shoulders behind. The horizontal straps aid in supporting your midsection by keeping pressure balanced along your spine and making it one of the most comfortable posture correctors available.

3) AlignPosture Brace

The AlignPosture Brace is known to be one of the most commonly used posture correctors in the world. Not only is it highly portable and effective, but it is also made with breathable neoprene fabric that is elastic enough to fit both men and women of various sizes. It features two lightweight, durable brackets so you can adjust it to your most comfortable fit, and high quality, soft pads to prevent friction forming under your arms.

The brace gently pulls your shoulders to an upright position and stretches across to provide ample upper back support. It is designed to be compact so you can easily conceal it under your attire or pack it in your travel bag without any fuss.

Bonus: AlignBack Straightener

If neither of the top 3 recommended posture correctors suit your needs, we suggest trying the latest development in back braces – the AlignBack Straightener. This particular model was designed with comfort and convenience in mind as it is highly portable, stylish, and easily concealable under a shirt or button down polo.

This compact brace sits across your upper back, gradually pulling on your shoulders to create a proper upright position and promote a healthier posture. Its barely there effect is so efficient that many professional models use these to help maintain a straight and confident stance while walking down the runway.

No matter the posture corrector you choose, these all instantly corrects the alignment of your vertebral column and boosts your confidence to take on the rest of the day. With regular use, these can greatly help promote back muscle strength, minimize instances of any pain, and help your system naturally adapt to carrying a healthy, upright stance.


Are you suffering from chronic pain in the lower/upper back, neck or shoulders? If so then you might want to consider purchasing a posture corrector! As we age, our posture begins to deteriorate, this is due to muscles and bone joints breaking down, usually in areas that have repetitive movement. Additionally, in today's modern era, we find ourselves slouching over, creating poor posture and other related issues. Luckily AlignMat stocks the best posture correctors in Australia, providing the people of the nation with self-care products that can help combat poor posture and slouching shoulders. We ship to every major city, from Perth to Sydney and Melbourne.

Posture braces are designed to fit all sizes, ages and sex, providing both short and long-term benefits.

In the short term, a posture corrector provides a psychological boost, helping to provide instant posture that makes you feel more confident, self-assured and insertive. physically, posture braces help provide instant relief to neck, shoulder and back pain.

Long term a posture corrector has a number of physical benefits, these include:

  • Spine realignment
  • increase blood flow in the back muscles
  • decreased neck, back & shoulder pain
  • Quicker muscle repair

Designed to be comfortable and durable, posture correctors can be utilised & worn anywhere! Studying at university, doing work in the office, driving in the car, working out at the gym or chilling at home. Posture correctors can help to realign the spine and improve posture naturally.