Posture Corrector Wholesale

Looking for a Wholesale Posture Corrector Provider? 

In today's age, the Posture Corrector has become one of the most popular self-care tools in the world. We stock several styles and brands of posture correctors that are designed to help assist in reducing stress, anxiety, joint pain, stiff neck and back, decrease weight loss and boost overall mood. AlignMat offers Australia's premium back braces to the Australian market.

How Do You Use a Back Brace?

Wondering how to use a posture corrector? Don't worry it's super easy! Basically, you start by placing the straps over your shoulders and over the top of the shirt. You then adjust the straps to ensure the hooks are tight and your shoulders get pulled back. Quick note, don't have the straps too tight and ensure you feel comfortable when wearing a posture corrector.

Wearing a posture corrector will automatically improve your posture significantly, giving you an instant confidence boost. Back braces also give you long-term benefits with posture, helping to realign the spine and increase back muscles. Posture and shoulder braces are easy to conceal, making them perfect to wear at work, home or social events.

We recommend wearing a posture corrector for an hour day when your first starting out, this will give your back muscle time to adjust to the alignment of the spine. After a few weeks, you can increase this time to 3-4 hours per day. Over a 3 month period, you should have perfect posture, combine this with regular exercise that strengthens the back muscles, shoulders and neck. This will ensure you keep your newly found perfect posture.

Where to Get Wholesale Posture Corrector in Australia?

If you are looking for quality posture correctors that are sturdy and dependable then AlignMat is the team to deal with! We are Australias best wholesaler of posture correctors acupressure mats, back stretchers and other self-care wellness products. We truly believe that self-care and healing can help bring the world closer and we are always looking to partner with other business entities to help achieve this vision via wholesale distribution.

Posture correctors have become extremely popular in today's age and demand is high, so ensure to meet the demand and stock AlignPosture in your store or online shop.

Our back braces are designed differently

We stock the best posture correctors with 4 styles of back and shoulder braces set between $29.99 to $59.99 in price, with our wholesale program offering 20% off with the minimum of 10 units purchased.

We offer a further discount rate of 30% for orders of over 30 units.

Please note our back braces come in multiple sizes with only one colour. If you want to make a wholesale order please contact us with sizes and posture brace style.

  • AlignShoulder Brace
  • AlignPosture Brace
  • AlignBack Brace
  • AlignBack Straightener

The sizes that we stock are the following, with our AlignBack Straightener coming in a one size fits all. Our back braces are all unisex design, meaning both male and females can wear our posture correctors comfortably.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge
  • XXLarge

If you are interested in wholesale posture corrector within Australia please email us at and one of our staff members will assist you.