Posture Corrector Darwin

Darwin is the capital city of Darwin and is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world! Surrounded by stunning clear ocean on one side, and red desert on the other. Darwin is a sleepy, small city that has a low, aging population. With a tropical climate, the people of Northern Territory & Darwin live an active lifestyle in which a lot of time is spent outdoors. With this again population and the common issues of rounded shoulders, back pain & slouching occurring the team at AlignMat decide to become truly local and stock Darwin posture correctors! This came with the goal of helping to bring a decline in poor posture and the issues associated with it. AlignPosture offers solutions in the form of posture correctors that are comfortable and have both long and short term effects.

Why should you wear a back brace in the short term?

  • Improved instant posture
  • Improved mood boost
  • Increased confidence

The long-term benefits of wearing a posture corrector are:

  • decreased neck pain
  • decreased neck pain
  • No slouching
  • Spine alignment

All of our Darwin posture correctors are stocked locally, meaning your order arrives in days and not weeks. Our attention to quality and results is why we have built trust with the people of Darwin, helping deliver life-changing results to physical health and wellness through our products. Check out some of the first-hand exeperinces with AlignMat on our products reviews sections. At AlignMat we aim to help connect people of all ages across Australia through health & wellness.


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If you have a question or concern about our products please reach out via email at We will be in contact within 24hours.


Find us across Darwin

We ship all throughout Darwin: Acacia Hills, Imnap, Tennant Creek, Bayview, Alawa, Anula, Bakewell, Archer, Bees Creek, Berry Springs, Pine Creek, Katherine and Ti-Tree, Dundee Beach, Coconut Grove,


Posture Brace Darwin Size's

We sometimes purchase cheap braces that don't fit right, feeling tight and uncomfortable. Finding the correct size shouldn't be hard, that's why our team have put together a size chart. We have some braces that have one size, if you're looking at an alternative option then use the chart below.


  • S for 65 -82cm / 60cm - 85cm
  • M for 75-92 cm / 70-90 cm waist
  • L for 85-102 cm / 80-100cm waist
  • XL for 95-112 cm / 90-110 cm waist


Styles & Colours

Choice of Brace Style

We currently stock over 30 wellness products with 4 main posture correctors within Darwin. These braces help to realign the spine, decrease joint pain & strengthen the muscles.

AlignBack Brace: Built with memory foam across the spine, this back brace is designed to fit across your body! Providing amazing comfort whilst helping to improve posture and back strength.

AlignBack Straightener: This design is simple but doesn't be fooled, it's highly effective! With light straps, this brace gently pulls back your shoulders giving you instant perfect posture. Easy to conceal under clothing on any occasion.

AlignShoulder Brace: Designed with smart textiles this brace has 12 magnets tourmalines built-in across the spine. This extra feature promotes and stimulates blood flow across the spine and back muscles. Helping to decrease back, neck and shoulder pain.

AlignPosture Brace: The original posture corrector, this brace is universally known for comfort and instant posture improvement. Unisex, the AlingPosture Brace is easy to wear under any clothing at the office, home, school or at a social event.

Choice of Colour

Our posture braces come in three main colours: Black, White & Grey.


AlignMat also delivers to other cities across Australia, including: