Posture Corrector Canberra

Canberra is the capital city of the ACT but also Australia! Although often thought of as small and quiet, this city is a bub for politics and business, with parliament house being found in the centre of Canberra. AlignMat has been supplying Canberra posture correctors since 2012, delivering high-quality braces at affordable prices! Noticing an aging population & a lack of self-care products stocked locally in the ACT, AlignMat quickly moved to deliver shoulder, back & posture corrector within the city. This ensured that people across Canberra received their orders in a matter of days and not weeks.

AlignMat has quickly established itself since its early days, helping to relieve back, neck pain & slouching to the older people of Canberra. Stocking a large variety of braces and other self-care products that fit all sizes, ages and sex. Due to AlignMat's attention to detail, they have quickly established a strong and passionate customer base, check out some of our product reviews to get first-hand experiences.
Our Canberra posture correctors are designed to achieve both short and long-term results.

Why should you wear a back brace in the short term?

  • Improved instant posture
  • Improved mood boost
  • Increased confidence

 Long-term benefits of wearing a posture corrector?

  • decreased neck pain
  • decreased neck pain
  • No slouching
  • Spine alignment


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Find us all across Canberra: Barton, Black Mountain, Canberra, Ainslie, Dickson, Downer, Hackett, Lyneham, O’connor, Forrest,  Deakin, Duntroon, Parkes, Parliament House, Russell, Yarralumla, Acton, Manuka, Causeway, Kingston, Braddon, Campbell, Reid, Turner Canberra,


Brace Canberra Size's

Finding a posture corrector that fits comfortably and archives maximum spine alignment shouldn't be difficult. Use the size chart below to find the correct size, remember, some of our back braces come in one unisex size.


  • S for 65 -82cm / 60cm - 85cm
  • M for 75-92 cm / 70-90 cm waist
  • L for 85-102 cm / 80-100cm waist
  • XL for 95-112 cm / 90-110 cm waist


Styles & Colours

Choice of Corrector Style

AlignMat stocks over 20 unique self-care products that help deliver a better quality of life to their customers. Focusing on 4 main posture correctors that will deliver both long and short term results. Helping to fix pain, aches and posture correction.

AlignBack Brace: Using memory foam this back brace is the most comfortable corrector on the market. Designed to fit across your shoulders, neck and lower back to help give support and realign the spine.

AlignBack Straightener: A simple design but highly effective, this back straightener will gently pull back your shoulders, helping to form perfect posture. Easy to conceal, you can wear it under any piece of clothing in any setting.

AlignShoulder Brace: Utilising smart textile technology this shoulder brace has 12 tourmaline magnets that are woven into the fabric. These magnets help to stimulate blood flow in the back muscles, helping realign the spine and improve posture.

AlignPosture Brace: This posture brace is universally known for its simple design and effective results. Unisex, this brace can be worn by anyone, anywhere! Helping to improve posture instantly, as well as decrease back, neck and shoulder pain.

Choice of Colour

Our back braces come in three primary colours, they are Beige, Black, Grey.


AlignMat also delivers to other cities across Australia, including: