Posture Corrector Brisbane

The best Brisbane posture correctors can be found online at AlignMat. We stock the largest range of posture, back & shoulder braces, delivering across the state of Queensland. All our posture correctors are high quality without the high prices, helping to combat shoulder, back and neck pain. Brisbane is one of the larger cities in Australia, with a population that is ageing the issue of poor posture and slouching is common. AlingMat aims to help combat this through the aid of home self care tools such as back braces, acupressure mats and back stretchers. All our Brisbane posture correctors are comfortable and designed to conceal under clothing at home, social events or the workplace.
Often s we age we experience issues of round shoulders and slouching. Brisbane has an aging population with the medium age being 48 years old. Many retirees move to Queensland to enjoy the warm weather and laid back lifestyle. When you use a posture corrector you gain both short and long-term benefits.
Short term results
  • Instant confidence boost
  • Positive mood enhancement
  • Stop shoulder, neck, back pain
Long term results
  • improved natural posture
  • strengthen back muscles
  • Realign the spine
  • fix shoulder positioning

AlignMat holds multiple self-care products designed to improve quality of life. If you're looking to improve your posture and your mood then check out our product page to find the right tool for you.


Learn More

Want to know more? Maybe you have a question or an idea? Contact the team by emailing  alignmatcontact@gmailcom and one of our staff members will respond within 24hours.


Where we operate

We deliver throughout Brisbane & Regional QLD: Carseldine, Ferny Grove, Hamilton, Kalinga, Northgate Stafford, Stafford Heights, Taigum,  Virginia, Wavell, Heights Wilston, Windsor, Wooloowin, Zillmere, Balmoral, Belmont, Bulimba, Camp Hill, Cannon Hill, Carina, Carina Heights, Carindale, Chandler Coorparoo, Gumdale, Hawthorne  Hemmant, Lota, Lytton, Manly, Manly West, Moreton Island, Morningside, Irwindale, Bowenville, Nandi, Kumbarilla, Ducklo and Ranges Bridge, MacAlister, Kaimkillenbun, Moola, Alderley, Ascot, Aspley,  Bald Hills, Banyo, Brighton, Brisbane, Airpor. 

Brisbane Back Brace Sizes

Finding a posture corrector that fits you perfectly shouldn't be hard to find. In fact, some of the correctors at AlignMat have a one size fits! So you never have to worry about finding the right size. If you do choose to purchase a back brace with sizes just use the chart below.


  • S for 65 -82cm / 60cm - 85cm
  • M for 75-92 cm / 70-90 cm waist
  • L for 85-102 cm / 80-100cm waist
  • XL for 95-112 cm / 90-110 cm waist


Colour & Styles

Choice of Brace Style

AlignMat stocks four main styles of posture correctors in Brisbane. Specialising in shoulder braces, neck/spine alignment and lower back support. If your looking to improve your posture we suggest looking into the following:

AlignBack Straightener: Simply designed this posture brace helps to straighten the back and realign the spine while going totally unnoticed by others.

AlignBack Brace: Using a special spine design with memory foam this brace is a 10 out of 10 in terms of comfort and support. Perfect for those with neck pain.

AlignShoulder Brace: Smart textiles are the future and this back brace use tourmaline magnets to help improve posture and increase blood flow throughout the spine.

AlignPosture Brace: A multi sex and size design, this posture brace is the original in terms of posture correction. Perfect for the workplace or home.

Choice of Colour

Our posture braces come in three main colours, they are black, beige and white.


AlignMat also delivers to other cities across Australia, including: