Posture Corrector Adelaide

AlignPosture has been shipping top quality posture braces since 2011 to the people of Adelaide South Australia. If you're in the market for an Adelaide posture corrector then you need to check out our large range of self-care products, delivering across both metro and regional areas of South Australia. Adelaide is one of the smaller cities in Australia, with an aging population it's important for people to be conscious of their posture. Often in older age slouching and rounded shoulders become an issue, this causes problems in the neck, back and shoulder region. AlignPosture offers solutions in the form of posture correctors that are comfortable and have both long and short term effects.

Why should you wear a posture corrector?

  • Improved posture
  • decreased neck pain
  • Increased confidence
  • decreased neck pain
  • No slouching
  • Improved mood

All our posture braces are stored locally within Adelaide, ensuring your order arrives in a matter of days and not weeks. For years people have trusted us for Adelaide posture correctors and we have delivered! To read first-hand experiences with our products please visit the reviews page. At AlingPosture we aim to improve the city of Adelaide by connecting people of all ages through health and wellness, help us by helping yourself and get your posture perfect.


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If you want to learn more or have a question just send us an email at alignmatcontact@gmailcom. One of our friendly staff members will be able to help you with any concerns or queries.


Find us across Adelaide

We ship all throughout South Australia including Monteith, Yorke Peninsula, Adelaide Hills, Coorong, Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Elizabeth, Edithburgh, Moorlands, Mount Gambier, Naracoorte, Pt Augusta, Renmark.


Posture Corrector Adelaide Size's

Often we purchase back braces that don't fit correctly! Finding the right size posture brace isn't hard and with our size chart, you can always get the corrector that fits. Some of our braces come in a one size fits all, meaning you don't even have to worry about picking the right size.


  • S for 65 -82cm / 60cm - 85cm
  • M for 75-92 cm / 70-90 cm waist
  • L for 85-102 cm / 80-100cm waist
  • XL for 95-112 cm / 90-110 cm waist


Colours and Styles

Choice of Corrector Style

We stock 4 main Adeliade posture correctors online, these are designed to help decrease joint pains while improving posture and mental well being.

AlignShoulder Brace:  Utilising smart textiles this shoulder brace has 12 tourmaline magnets that help stimulate blood flow in the back muscles. This extra blood circulation helps to realign the spine and improve posture naturally.

AlignPosture Brace: Designed to fit everyone of all shapes and sizes, this posture brace can easily be concealed under clothing. Perfect for any occasion, work, university, social events or at home! Another benefit is the instant posture correction this brace gives you, helping to boost confidence and mood.

AlignBack Brace: Designed with memory foam across the back this brace is the definition of comfort. Provide ultimate spinal support helping you achieve perfect posture instantaneously.

AlignBack Straightener: Sometimes the most simple designs are the most effective and this is very true with our back straightener. Often utilised by models, this brace is easy to conceal under any clothing and gently pulls back your shoulders giving you instant better posture.

Choice of Colour

Our back braces come in two main styles, black and white. With beige coming in some style of posture correctors.


AlignMat also delivers to other cities across Australia, including: