James Acupressure Mat Success Story

To all the readers out there, hello! It's Jean here with anther acupressure mat success story! In today's article, we will be interviewing James, a 27 year old semi-professional hockey player in the Western Australia state league. These success stories aim to provide inspiration and information on the positive benefits of acupressure pillow & mat. Brought to you by AlignPosture.

James first becomes aware of our acupressure mats after he was recommended by a friend. He was suffering from minor calf strains and cramping within games, he was looking for a simple and natural tool to help his body warm-up and cool down before and after games. Despite half the hockey season being missed due to covid, James managed to put the AlignMat to the test when the season started back up, check it out to see how he went!

acupressure mat success
Hello James, how have you been?
Hey Jean, doing well thanks, how about you?
Great! I am curious to see how you went with the AlignMat?  are you finishing the games out strong?
yeah, well unfortunately we did miss a lot of the year due to covid, which is unfortunate but luckily we got 6 games in and went deep into the finals, which gave me plenty of time to test and try the AlignMat. Overall it's definitely a tool I will continue to use before and after games, the levels of cramps defiantly dropped by at least 50%.
That's awesome James, could you tell me a bit more about how you have incorporated the AlignMat within your pre and after the game ritual?
Yeah sure, so basically with the issue of cramping I try and get as much stretching and blood flow before the game, obviously the mat has been beyond amazing for that! I have applied it before and after my normal stretching routine, 5 minutes each. I have found this get my legs very warm, blood flow going and overall muscles more lose. Also after games its been a great way to stretch the muscles and just recover overall. I have also been pulling it out at the three-quarter time to just keep the blood circulating through the muscles which have got me through most games, the boys do get a bit of a laugh tho but they all want one now so I think you will have some orders soon!
Amazing James, when you reached out to us with your issue I was extremely confident the AlignMat would be of help, glad to see my prediction come true! Often people talk about the psychological effects they experience with the AlignMat, I am curious if you noticed any mind shift in your game since using your mat?
Yeah, that's actually something I have been asking myself, I do honestly think it has helped in that department. In the pregame routine, it really does put you in an almost meditative state, kinda weird to explain as I have never really tried meditating but I just feel like I am thinking less about the game before it starts and just plays. more naturally
James, thanks for sharing your story with us, really appreciate your time and all the best with your upcoming hockey season!
Thanks, Jean!
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