Is It Safe For Kids To Use A Posture Corrector?

YES, children can most definitely wear a posture corrector. More often than not, symptoms of unhealthy bearing are already noticeable at a young age. If it is not due to medical or hereditary reasons, it can be also be the result of too much time on the computer or mobile gadgets instead of outdoor activities that strengthen the body. As we all know, children in the modern day are hooked to their screens, which make them more susceptible to straining their neck and shoulders. The constant slouching will also eventually lead to back problems, poor circulation, and respiratory problems.

If not remedied early on, a misaligned vertebra will require treatment either in the form of a posture corrector, physical therapy, or other approaches your physician may suggest depending on how severe it has gotten.

can kids use posture correctors

Why it is important to harbor good posture while still young

It is normal to become less upright as we age. In fact, we can expect to lose a few inches off our height when we hit 30 onwards. The changes are gradual and may differ depending on your gender and lifestyle, but it is can happen to everyone.

A great way to slow down this process and not feel its physical effects as much is by practicing healthy habits while still a child. When developed at a young age, posture-positive routines can stick with you for a lifetime and greatly help in reducing the chances of pain and injury throughout the years.

4 tips to develop your child’s posture

  1. Have them sit on stools or surfaces without back support

This helps strengthen their back and torso. Chairs that have a backrest can sometimes lead us to lean back, disregarding the need for our muscles to remain upright. Having them accustomed to not using their back muscles will eventually weaken them over time. Your kids do not need to sit “straight” so long as they are not hunching down.

  1. Move around regularly (preferably every 30 minutes)

It is best that they do not spend too much time on sedentary activities. Take toddlers for instance: they move about so much, hopping from one activity to the other, and they almost always have impeccable posture when sitting on their play mats. Movement is good and it strengthens the muscles while stretching out any pressure points.

  1. Encourage them to squat

Squatting can promote a lengthened back and a healthy space within your body. With their knees out, heels on the ground, and head adjacent to their back, the squatting position can teach them how to properly bend, lift, and pick things up as they age. As most may experience today, the activity of just picking something off the ground can lead us to pulling a muscle, this postural habit for your child can prevent that!

  1. Prop up their devices

Having children learn technology early on is not necessarily bad, so long as it is controlled based on their age.  When it is time for them to use their devices, prop them up on the table, a stand, or a pillow to encourage your kids to look up instead of slouching down.

Posture correctors we recommend

Apart from practicing the 4 easy tips above, we highly recommend having your child wear a back brace to aid in correcting their posture. You can start them out with 30 minutes a day and gradually increase to a maximum of 3 hours, as they get more comfortable.