Incense Waterfall Reviews

Thinking about getting an Incense Waterfall from AlignMat? Check out some of the reviews from our Aussie based customers! 

Incense Waterfall Reviews



Purchased this for my mother in laws birthday. She loved it, saying it works great! One thing to note is that to much wind flow will mess up the flow of the smoke, but that's the only issue, just make sure to keep the incense waterfall in a less breezy area.



Really simple to set up and the incense scent is great, looks super cool as well. Caution avoid windy areas tho! Besides that, I love them, purchased three for myself and my daughters.



Visually these pieces are beautiful and well worth it, the incense burns quickly but it smells great. The flow of the smoke going down looks cool.



I love this Incense waterfall! It's awesome to look at even when the smoke waterfall isn't flowing. Works just like it says on the site, just ensure to keep it away from airflow. Got this as a gift and loved it so much I purchased the mountain and Koi fish designs as well!



This is so cool and hypnotic. Love sitting and watching the smoke run down, so relaxing and calming. The incense cone is a nice scent, have smelt better like amber and patchouli but this is fine. Overall its a great centrepiece and the smoke waterfall effect is soothing.



The incenses waterfall is awesome to watch, I enjoy that just sitting and watching the smoke trickle down. A little tip, keep a towel or cloth under the backflow burner just to stop and resin building up and staining.



Takes a minute or two to get going but when it does its magical to watch. As a centrepiece, the Incense waterfall is a winner!



Super easy to use, note you need to ensure the hole in the cone is centred on the holder. Once it starts the smoke effect is beautiful and super calming to sit and watch. The incense cone is solid, not the best scent in the market but they were free and the smoke effect works great! You can add coloured LED lights around the base to enhance it visually.



I purchased the mounting backflow incense burner, it came exactly like the picture and worked perfectly. Made from a glazed ceramic material that really makes it an eye-catcher, the incense cones take a minute to get going but once the smoke falls it's in a hypnotic rhythm. Overall this is one of the better produced I have purchased, money well spent.



Got one of these for my youngest daughters for Christmas, she loved it! Came with 50 free incense cones that smelt great, packaged really nicely as well. Was super happy how much she enjoyed it, ended up purchasing one for myself.



My 6 year old son describes this as magic and he isn't wrong! was well packaged, came with incense cones, didn't have a super-strong smell but the smoke waterfall effect was really cool.



Incense waterfalls, make a great gift, look really cool (and really expensive) & will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside as the smoke pours down. Hypnotic!



I got the incense waterfall for my birthday, I love it & my wife for getting it for me. Everything came as described, including 50 free cones. The scent of the cones weren't the best but they were free so no complaints. Overall really cool product, the smoke actually does flow down like a waterfall!!