How To Maintain And Clean Your Posture Corrector?

It is just as important to know how to clean and how to wear a posture corrector as it is choosing one. After all, how well you maintain your posture corrector is a big factor as to how efficiently it can serve you in the long run.

Insufficient knowledge on how to utilize and care for a posture corrector may result in injuries or complications, such as shoulder pain, back spasms, muscle waste, and more. Find out all you need to know below.

How To Maintain And Clean Your Posture Corrector?

How to properly wear a posture corrector

  1. First off, loosen the adjustable straps and unhook any attachments your back brace has.
  2. Perform the “wall test” and hold the resulting stance.
  3. Put the brace on, adjust the straps to a comfortable fit, and fasten it just enough to maintain the upright position you had after the wall test.

The 5-step wall test

First time trying the wall test? It is a quick 5-step process to find out what the proper posture is for your spine. Ready to try it out? We have prepared easy to follow instructions below:

  1. Find an empty wall and stand tall with your back against it. . The heels of your feet should be about 2 to 4 inches away from the wall. Make sure the back of your head, your upper back, shoulders, and bottoms are all touching the wall’s surface.
  2. Check for a small space on your lower back and if you are able to fit your hand through it.
  3. If there is too much space behind your lower back, pull your bellybutton towards your spine to gently flatten the curve.
  4. If there is too little space, arch your back just enough to let your hand fit through.
  5. Step away from the wall and try to maintain that position without having to over-extend or flex anything.

Once you have followed the five steps above, your posture should be in its ideal orientation and ready for you to fasten a back brace on.

Tips to help in your routine

  1. Sometimes, wearing the brace directly on your skin can be quite uncomfortable – especially if you have sensitive skin that may be triggered by the material or friction. We recommend wearing it over your clothes to prevent discomfort, or risk of rashes.
  2. Whenever you feel that your brace is getting tighter, that is a hint that you may be starting to slouch. This is normal, as your body may sometimes feel too tired to hold the ideal posture for long especially when you are still getting used to it. It is okay to take a break and try again the next day.
  3. As your routine progresses and you find that your bearing is improving, you may opt to tighten the brace even further. Proceed cautiously and be sure you are not in pain or severe discomfort while wearing it on the tighter setting.
  4. If you are only starting out, aim for 15 to 30 minutes daily. Gradually add more time until your body gets closer to your ideal stance but never exceed the recommended maximum 3 hours a day.

Cleaning your posture corrector

We recommend gently hand washing the garment in cool water mixed with mild soap. Remove the excess water and leave it to air dry, away from direct heat.

Do not iron your back brace or put it in the dryer as this can damage the material.

Top 4 posture correctors

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  2. AlignPosture Brace
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  4. AlignShoulder Brace