How Long Should You Wear A Posture Corrector?

Just like with all tools designed to correct or modify the human body, you cannot expect to see results with just a few applications. A combination of consistency and discipline is key when switching to a healthier lifestyle – and this applies to improving your posture as well.

What are the negative effects of bad posture?

Maintaining a poor bearing not only puts you at higher risk of suffering from injuries more often, but it also has harmful long-term effects on the health. These include:

Spine curvature. Over time, bad posture can cause our spine to be misaligned and put too much pressure in the wrong position or at an unnatural angle. This lets our vertebral column deteriorate at a faster pace and be more susceptible to injuries.

Weakened muscles. Due to the irregular position of your various systems, the tension and added pressure can cause your muscles to weaken over time. This negative effect also adds on to the soreness that often comes with poor posture.

Back, shoulder, and neck pain. This is one of the most common side effects to unhealthy posture. Discomfort on your upper, middle, and lower back that extends to your shoulders and up to your neck is inevitable if you do not try to improve your stance. Slouching forward places pressure on your shoulder blades, which in turn flattens your back muscles and weakens them over time. Similarly, hunched up shoulders or positioning your head downwards causes tightness around your neck, leading to strain and headaches.

Headaches and migraines. Proper posture is vital to prevent putting pressure on the wrong areas. With misalignment, our muscles tighten up and form tension on our temples, leading to constant headaches. Some may even experience heavy migraines that can disrupt daily activities, sleep, vision, and basic cognitive skills.

Poor sleep. Posture can affect our entire muscular system. By creating tension, our muscles will contract and our bodies will be unable to relax for a good night’s sleep. Tossing and turning all night will lead to less rest and hinder your cognitive development.

Low circulation. Being plumped on a chair all day long while sitting in a bad posture puts you at risk of developing low circulation because the unnatural angles make it harder for your blood to flawlessly flow through your system and help your body function properly.

Digestion problems. Slouching compresses your abdominal area in a very unhealthy way, including your digestive tract. This in turn will slow down your digestion, affect your metabolism, and eventually cause long term stomach problems such as nutritional deficiency.

Respiratory problems. Deplorable posture has a great chance at affecting our lung function. Through slumping our upper torso down, our lung capacity is narrowed down and would not be able to take in enough air as it is accustomed to. This is why shortness of breath and poor cognitive function are so prevalent in those with bad posture.

Lack of focus and motivation. Apart from being physically straining, it can have a negative impact on your mental health as well. Being unable to sit upright or keep your shoulders aligned to the back will start to feel uncomfortable and sore. This feeling will steer your focus towards the negative feeling instead of the activity at hand. This can be very impactful in your work, relationships, and personal life.

As per Healthy Psychology, bad posture also contributes to lack of confidence and low-self esteem – other defining factors that may hinder you from building strong relationships, advancing in your career, and feeling overall contented with your life.

How can a posture corrector prevent or fix all that?

The most basic reason why we develop bad posture is because our body has grown accustomed to slumping in the same position for hours on end. There may be many factors why we feel more inclined to slouch but that differs per situation. Whatever the reason on your end may be, the outcome is usually the same. Our muscle tone degenerates the more we continue to slouch, concluding in an unhealthy habit you have to break before it puts your overall health at risk. That is where posture correctors come in handy.

The corrector aids in keeping your vertebral column in an upright position while gently pulling your shoulders back to align them correctly with the rest of your body. The more often you have one on, the more often your muscles can signal your mind that you are holding the natural posture, and it will eventually adapt to keep it that way.

How long should you wear a posture corrector?

This all depends from one person to another, as every situation is different. Some may need more correction than others, and still some may have a lower threshold for keeping one on. However, the general recommended duration to wear a posture corrector in order to reap its benefits is at least 30 minutes daily, although if you are perfectly comfortable keeping it on for a longer period then by all means, continue to do so. An important reminder is to never wear it if it starts to feel painful or uncomfortable, it is best to consult your physician should this happen.

Once you have achieved your desired stance, you may wear the brace less, but switch up to a maintenance routine instead to ensure you continue to live life with a healthy posture.

4 posture correctors we recommend:

  1. AlignShoulder Brace - Most developed model in all of Australia that features 11 tourmaline magnets equally spaced along your backbone to stimulate blood flow and relieve stiff areas.
  2. AlignBack Brace – Features a memory spinal support made of orthopedic plastic, designed to apply pressure on your spine while aligning your shoulders and providing support to your upper torso.
  3. AlignPosture Brace– One of the most commonly used correctors and is conveniently a one size fits all alternative.
  4. AlignBack Straightener– Most compact and portable – designed for those on the go!


If you're someone who is suffering from shoulder, neck and back pain then one of the top posture correctors from AlignMat might be for you. Designed to help naturally realign the spine and improve posture, a posture brace is a self-care tool for life! AlignMat provides quality posture correctors all across Australia, shipping to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other major cities & regional areas. Posture braces are designed to be worn under any piece of clothing, feeling comfortable and flexible. Allowing you to wear a posture corrector when you're at the gym, working in the office, studying at university or relaxing at home.

As soon as you wear a posture brace, you will notice your shoulders pull back gently, chin raises and chest pushes outward. This process helps the spine realign, promoting positive blood flow throughout the back muscles, which soothes and speeds up the process of muscle healing. It is this extra blood flow that can help to relieve back muscles from chronic aches and pain.

A long-term posture corrector can provide you with a better quality of life! Fewer muscles and joint pain are not the only benefits of a posture brace, with multiple psychological improvements as well. Feeling more confident, positive self-talk and inner insurance have all been strongly associated with good posture.