How Long Should You Lay on a Back Stretcher?

How long should you lay on a back stretcher?

it's a simple question, with a simple answer! the optimum time to lay on your back stretcher is 3 - 5 minutes for 2 - 5 times a day. We recommend when your first starting out to ease into the process and start with a time frame that is comfortable until you build into 5 minutes. If you experience pain, tightness or tension in your lower back, upper back or shoulder when you first start, it just means you have a lot of tightness in these areas and the back stretcher is doing its job. This pain and discomfort will disappear over time!

You might be asking, what is a back stretcher?

well, let's start with the mechanism, it's a half-circle shape that is designed to fit your spine contour. These are commonly used to help combat the upper back and lower back pain. The back stretcher pro from AlignMat has 3 different levels that are easily adjustable to change the angle, providing more intense stretches to your back.

The main function of a back stretcher is to decompress, providing relief to the spine by decreasing pressure. When you use a back stretcher you give the muscles that support your spine the opportunity to relax, it's during this time that the spine can elongate. Elongating your spine means you are helping to fight the effects of gravity and compression om the spines disc and the muscle space around it.

Back stretchers are super effective in treating muscle spasms, degeneration, tight knots, pinched nerves, tight knots, herniated discs, sciatica, excessive flexion and much more! Not only supper effective with lower and upper back pain but the back stretcher pro is easy to use and portable for simple travel use.

Should you sleep on your back stretcher?

The short answer is no. As we discussed above we only recommend 5 minutes max over 3 - 5 sessions per day. If your looking for extra ways to help support your back when you sleep you can do some simple things such as sleep on a hard surface, this will organically lengthen your spine. Lay on your side and place a pillow under your neck, bend your knees to 30 degrees and flex them to 30 degrees, this will help keep hips when you sleep.

how long should you use a back stretcher


here are some natural sources you can access to pair with your back stretcher to help back pain relief.

  1. workout and release endorphins. These are happy hormones that the body naturally produces and can help combat back pain.
  2. Get plenty of sleep, this will help restore energy in your body.
  3.  workout and exercise your core muscles.
  4. Work your bran, do crosswords or sudoku to help engage your brain.
  5. Do rewarding activities that make you happy.
  6. twice a day make sure you stretch your back and hamstrings
  7.  Have a cold and or hot bath to help relax muscles.

If you combine these with 2 - 5 minutes, 2 - 5 times per day, with your back stretcher you will notice an improvement in both your lower back and upper back pain.