How effective is a posture corrector?

A posture corrector helps positively modify your body and change your life for the better. Its level of effectiveness lies mainly on (1) the make of the garment and (2) how well you utilize it.


  1. The make of the garment

What your back brace is made of is a major factor to consider when starting a routine. This determines how often you will be inclined to use it, how long your garment will last you, and how well it does its job. Here a few notes on what to look for when purchasing a posture corrector:

Make sure you are comfortable in it. If you are able to try it on, see how well the garment feels on you, learn how to adjust it to your preference, and determine if you can handle it in the long run. Of course you are not expected to love it right off the bat, a little discomfort or awkwardness is normal. So long as you are not in pain or limited in mobility, it could be the one for you.

If you are shopping online, check photos and read what it is primarily made out of. Braces made of soft, breathable fabric are usually the best choices and easiest to adapt to.

Make sure it is adjustable. An adjustable brace is not only more versatile through your body phases but it can also be of great use as your routine progresses. When you start out, it is understandable if you cannot fasten the garment on its tightest setting yet, but as your posture gets more upright, you can adjust its constriction based on your needs. After all, a loose brace is as inefficient as not having one on.

Make sure you keep it clean and well maintained. Having a quality garment goes hand in hand with keeping it maintained. The better you treat it, the better it can serve you. Be sure to store it properly, not in a way that can damage, warp, or tear it for any reason. Also be sure to keep it clean, in order to prevent you from getting any sorts of skin irritations. Here is a quick guide on how to do that: How to clean your posture corrector.

  1. How well you utilize it.

Once you have your ideal garment, follow the tips below to ensure you get the most out of your routine:

Use it at the right setting. Not only will your spine not be realigned with a loose corrector, but you may also get injured or the very least feel discomfort throughout the day.

If you set it too tight, you are putting yourself at risk of injury, sores, and sprains. You will also have limited mobility and be uncomfortable during your routine.

Use it consistently. A back brace is not something you put on whenever you feel like it, then leave in the closet for weeks on end until the next time you are in the mood for some posture correcting. To make your routine effective, you must practice it consistently - preferably everyday for 30 minutes to 3 hours (depending on how experienced or comfortable you already are).

Use it within limits. While we recommend a daily routine, it is important to keep track of how long you are wearing it per time. Regularly having a brace on for longer than three hours may lead to your muscles depending on the brace, which eventually causes muscle atrophy.

4 posture correctors we recommend:

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