How Do You Use Acupressure Mats On Your feet?

How do you use acupressure mats on your feet? The AlignMat Pressure Point Mat is the most simple way to provide your feet with natural relief all from the comfort of your home. Simply lay the acupressure out on the floor with a hard surface, next step onto the acupressure mat, if this is your first time we recommend wearing socks until your feet are ready and adjusted to the pressure points. Once your standing on the mat you may feel some weird sensations within your feet, this includes pins and needles. This is completely normal and means the blood flow is being stimulated in the feet, basically, the acupressure mat is working and you can expect positive results in the forms of pain relief.

How Do You Use Acupressure Mats On Your feet?

How long should you stand on an acupressure mat? This varies from person to person as some can stand on their acupressure mat for 40 minutes, whilst others only a few minutes. We recommend doing whatever feels most comfortable, with the AlignMat you can use it for as long or as little as you like, even two minutes standing on the AlignMat can have wonderful effects.  To highlight how effective the AlignMat can be on your feet we have gone over some of the main pressure points that are stimulated when using an acupressure mat, try these next time you use your mat.

  • Shen Mai

This pressure point is found on the outside of your ankle, by standing on the mat you can help relieve anxiety, reduce fear and increase your patience!

  • Qiu Xu

Also found just above the ankle, when pressure is applied you will find yourself in a better mood and have a more positive mindset.

  • Tai Bai

This pressure point is found on the side of the foot, linked with an improved digestive system this pressure point is associated with vomiting and abdominal distension.

  • Kun Lun

Located at the highest point of the ankle and just under the Achilles tendon, this pressure point has strong links to improvement in high blood pressure, headaches, lumbar pain, diseases within the eye and intestines issues.

  • Xing Jian

Found within the skin between your second and big toe this pressure point is easily stimulated by standing on the acupressure mat. Helping with cramps and tight muscles throughout the legs as well as liver issues that occur in older age.

  • Li Nei Ting

Anther great pressure point to stimulate with an acupressure mat, found on the underside of the foot, between your toes. It's great for toothaches, constipation and helping with stroke rehabilitation.


By utilising your AlignMat to help combat feet pain and issues you are giving yourself a self-care tool that can be used anywhere, anytime. This includes in the office under your desk, on the passenger side of the car floor and even when at home watching Netflix. If you have an occupation or profession that requires you to be on your feet all day we recommend using an acupressure mat to help relieve muscle pain and increase blood flow.