How Comfortable Are Posture Correctors?

Judging how comfortable a posture corrector would be on you depends on a number of factors. For instance, if you are new to the routine or if your back needs a higher level of correction, it can seem awkward and uneasy for a while, but you will soon ease up to it. It will also feel uncomfortable if you are wearing your brace incorrectly, and for too long a duration. Lastly, it could vary based on the material you choose and how your skin / body reacts to it.

posture corrector material

Choosing your posture corrector material

Generally, most garments are made with elastic and breathable fabric that is suitable for most skin types. If you have specific allergies, best to check the label! However, this may be easily remedied by wearing a top that completely covers where the posture corrector touches, even a simple tank top or shirt would do.

Allergies aside, we have a few tips to offer when looking for the most comfortable type of material for you.

Has built in spinal support

If you are not in need of a compact sized garment, opt for one with extra support for your spine. This usually comes in the form of sturdy fabric or orthopedic plastic that runs from the top of your back down the bottom. This can help your routine be more comfortable because of how it aligns and distributes the pressure evenly throughout your torso. It eases your lower back off any extra weight and can help promote better blood circulation by keeping everything in place.

The best brace under this category would be: The AlignBack Brace

Has tourmaline magnets embedded

Some posture correctors come with tourmaline magnets that are spaced out along the spine. These magnets are positioned from the top of your back down to the lower end and help stimulate blood flow – keeping your spine and back muscles functioning at tiptop shape. With a healthy blood flow comes long lasting relief from any sores, pressure, and aches across your torso. These magnets are embedded in a sturdy fabric that sits on your spine, doubling as an extra back support to keep your vertebra aligned.

The best brace under this category would be: The AlignShoulder Brace

Bonus: The AlignShoulder Brace also comes with an extra strap that fits snugly around your waist. This helps distribute weight off your lower back and keeps the pressure from causing any injuries or pain.

Soft, breathable, durable, and padded

Wearing a posture corrector requires your shoulders to be pulled in place using flexible straps. Make sure that these are made of soft, breathable fabric, preferably with padding along the underarms to keep it from pinching you. Since the material will be stretched a lot, opt for a garment with durable brackets to hold them in place and efficiently adjust according to your size.

The best brace under this category would be: The AlignPosture Brace

Portable and easy to conceal

If a brace that provides full coverage throughout your back is not something you had in mind, we recommend looking into small and compact models instead. These are best for people on the go, who travel often, and have hectic schedules every week. Because of its size, a compact brace helps you ease it into your daily routine without much disruption. It can also be easily hidden under clothing so you can multi task while you go about your day.

The best brace under this category would be: The AlignBack Straightener

For tips on how to properly wear a posture corrector, check out this helpful article.