Helen's Acupressure Mat Success Story

Hello to all the reader out there, it's Jean the owner and founder of AlignMat! In today's article, we are going to do things a little different, with a one on one interview with happy customers of the AlignPosture & Pillow set. This is going to be a regular blog series in which we interview customers to get their feedback, story and opinions. Our first interview is with a mother of 3 and soon to be grandma, Helen.

acupressure mat success story

Helen is 47 years old, living in country Victoria, Geelong. She first learnt about the AlignMat via Instagram, suffering from never injuries from years of exercise boxing Helen was looking for a natural and simple solution to her pain. After hearing of the AlignMat she thought it was worth a go, fast forward 6 months later and this is what Helen had to say. 

Hey Helen, how are you?

Going well, Jean! 

Great to hear, so let's jump into it, when did you first come across the AlignMat?

Well, it was actually on Instagram hah, some might think I am a little old to be on there but I really love the mood boards! I was just scrolling when I came across one of your ads, really intrigued me and the price was super reasonable, I thought why not.

Oh, sounds like our social media team is doing a good job! So, Helen, its been 6 months have you found any difference since using the AlignMat?

Hey Jean, I can 100% say without a doubt that the mat and pillow set has been a blessing from God, honestly when I first saw it online I was so intrigued by it. Really glad I made the purchase. 

That's amazing to hear Helen! do you mind sharing a bit more about your injury and how the AlignMat helped? if I remember correctly it was to do with a boxing injury?

Yep of course, well I had been doing cardio boxing for a number of years now and this one gruelling session in particular really did some damage to my traps/neck area. I defiantly think it was some kind of nerve damage and then we went into lockdown and couldn't get them massaged or examined! This pain totally disappeared tho after a 30-minute session on the mat, I know its a bit longer then most beginners do but I actually really enjoyed the sensation straight away, it's weirdly addictive, in a good way.

Fantastic Helen, did you experience any other benefits?

Yes, Psychologically too, when I’m crazy busy with work and stressing and overthinking with the 3.00 am stress wake-ups, a session on the mat before bed and I’ve dropped straight off and slept through.

Helen thank you so much for your time on the phone today, I can't be more frilled with the results you have seen and I hope 2021 is full of love!

Thank you, Jean, hope 2021 everyone gets an AlingMat, we could all use it! 


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