Do You Wear Clothes On An Acupressure Mat?

For most first time users, the concept of an acupressure mat may be a little daunting. Surely, you did not wake up one day and just suddenly feel like lying on a bed of spikes in the hopes that it would ease your pain. Perhaps instead, it was hours of research showing effectiveness paired with success stories from experienced users that led you to consider.

With every new endeavor, there are bound to be some questions. Below, we tackle the top 3 concerns for beginners looking into using an acupressure mat.

acupressure mat

Concern #1: Does it hurt?

Pressing your body against multiple spikes may not sound comfortable to most, and true enough, you are expected to face some initial discomfort. But that is all it is – initial discomfort. After a short while, the multiple benefits of acupressure therapy start to set in, driving away any uneasiness you may have felt in the first minute or two.

Concern #2: How long do I have to use it for?

This mainly depends on three factors:

  1. Experience;
    • For beginners, we recommend 5 minutes daily, then increasing in increments of 5 minutes until you reach half an hour.
  2. Area needing treatment;
    • For sensitive areas, start off with 5 minutes and extend gradually as you feel comfortable to.
    • For less sensitive areas such as the back and shoulders, you may start off with 10 minutes and slowly increase until you reach half an hour.
  3. How sore the spot is;
    • Suggestions found in the 2nd factor apply here as well.

Some opt to for longer periods, but we recommend sticking to 30 minutes per session to prevent the spikes from making an impression on your skin.

Concern #3: Should I wear clothes while lying on the mat?

The most ideal way to utilize an acupressure mat is with bare skin. However, not all are comfortable with this, especially if you are still starting out.

It is perfectly fine to wear clothes or place a towel between you and the acupressure mat. This method helps lessen the intensity of the spikes, ease the pressure, and give you time to gently accustom yourself to how it feels on your body. For as long as your clothing or towel is not too thick, this should not take away any benefits or make it less effective.

Helpful tips for beginners

Acupressure therapy has been around for a long time and has been proven to be very beneficial. Not only does it relieve physical effects such as headaches and sores, but it also has emotional benefits. The spikes cause your body to release endorphins, which in turn help you relax and boost your mood. This lessens anxiety and promotes deeper rest.

If you are having trouble getting accustomed to your acupressure mat, try these tips:

  • Listen to music or your favorite audiobook / podcast.
  • Change positions, you may lie down or prop it on a couch.
  • Try it with a supportive loved one.

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